7 Easy Ways To Get A Girl Into Bed

Girls Will find it hard to resist you after this point

You are attracted enough to a particular girl and would like to have sex with her but you need to attract her and gain her confidence in you before that can happen.

• Get to know each other. If she is in the company you know then it’s easy to get acquainted. However, if she’s alone then tread carefully or she’ll reject you at the first instance.

• Do not dominate the situation. Give her a chance to talk so you come to know her better. Tell her about yourself as well so that she knows you’re a great guy to know and be with. See that you’re jovial and fun too.

• She should be able to feel relaxed and comfortable in your company and know you’re the dependable kind of guy who is caring and is considerate of others.

• It is not always that a person has the best possible looks, so ensure you’re attractive in other ways, by dressing well and having a demeanor that is pleasantly attractive. Shape up if necessary!

• Initially, accompany her to your workplace cafeteria. After you see she is comfortable with you, arrange to date her. Give her an option of places if you like. Do see it is a place of repute and status; At the same time, it should suit your pocket.

• If the place you have taken her to has a band or music and a floor to dance, do not miss the opportunity, especially if the number happens to be romantic. But make sure you know how to dance before that!

• Hold her gently, but firmly and courteously and do not show that you’re trying to make the best of the occasion by grabbing her tight. Your hands will know if she is relaxed while in your arms.

It will not be far now before you can move further in your effort to have sex with her. Probably on this very night when you drop her she might ask you in.

Source by Rahul Talwar