8 Gorgeous Chennai Beaches Everybody Needs to Visit

Chennai houses a large number of beautiful beaches. These beaches are not only gorgeous but are a source of endless peace and fun. Water sports, swimming or long walks on the beach, you can do it all. Here are 8 beaches to do all that and more.

1. Marina Beach

This beach is the largest beach in India and the second largest urban beach in the world. The best part about this beach is that you can enjoy a never ending look of the water, as the beach is that vast in size. It’s very beautiful and heartwarming.

2. Covelong Beach

This beach is simply perfect for water sport lovers. You cannot not only chill and relax at this beach, you can swim and play many water sports too. All the facilities are available near the beach and everything is easily accessible at very nominal rates.

3. Elliot’s Beach

The thing about this beach is that it is very well maintained. This beach is a perfect spot to enjoy with your friends and family, especially during the night. Plus it being close to the Ashtalakshmi temple and the Church of our Lady of Health, adds onto the beauty of this place.

4. VGP Golden Beach

If you want to spend some quality time with yourself, then this beach is the one for you. This beach has a very calm atmosphere and a perfect place for peace lovers. The perk about this beach is that it is very close to VGP Universal Kingdom, which is an amusement park; it is a great place to go and enjoy with your friends and family.

5. Breezy Beach

This beach is the best option to enjoy a beautiful sunset and it is generally very less crowded, which makes it a perfect spot to take a dip or go for a boat ride. The cleanliness of this place is very nicely maintained, which is why it is among one of the cleanest beaches in Chennai.

6. Besant Nagar Beach

This beach is perfect for fun lovers, as there are a lot of activities to do in this place. You can go for a horse bide, boat ride, play around, enjoy lip smacking street food at the stalls or you can just sit back and enjoy the cool breeze.

7. Neelangarai Beach

This beach has a very quiet atmosphere and is rarely crowded. In short, a perfect place to for a walk, swim and a quiet conversation with the waves in the background. You can very easily locate a turtle walking there, which is one of the perks about this place and don’t forget to eat the famous kulfi of the stalls of this beach.

8. Thiruvanmiyur Beach

This beach is perfect to go for a morning or evening jog, as it is less crowded and peaceful as compared to other beaches. There is a very beautiful temple located near this beach. Sit back and feel the cool and fresh breeze pass through!

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