8 Quick Facts About Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks was officially founded in 1927

Volvo VN Wikimedia Commons

Volvo Trucks is one of the most popular and largest heavy-duty truck brands in the world. Actually, the Swedish brand is the second largest heavy-duty truck brand in the world, offering any kind of transport solution to customers in over 100 countries. Volvo Trucks was found in 1967 and since, it is known as company characterized with quality, safety, and care for the environment. The production structure of Volvo is based on a large global presence with production in 16 countries, but the major part of the production capacity comes from Sweden, Brazil, Belgium, and U.S. Of America.

Volvo Trucks offers a wide range of selection of medium and heavy-duty trucks, such as wheeled loaders, front-end loaders, and others. The constant technology improvements on the wheel loaders improve their fuel efficiency. That is because of only one reason: to reduce the environmental impact and the impact of road transports in general. With carefully designed engine the productivity of wheel loaders and heavy-duty trucks has increased by huge 40 percent over the last years.

All big companies hide lots of interesting facts. As Volvo Trucks is not an exception, here are a few quick facts about the company.

Volvo LV63 Truck 1929 Wikimedia Commons


Fact #1

Volvo Trucks was officially founded in 1927 and a year after, the company presented the LV series 1. It was a medium truck that was sold in 500 units in half a year.

Fact #2

In the distant 1960s, Volvo Trucks invented the seatbelt, but the company did not patent it intentionally. All employees of the company shared the same thought.

Fact #3

Volvo, or in Latin “I roll”, tonnes was the name the company registered for a ball bearing company in 1911. Although it was meant to be a separate company, it scrapped from the plane and the name was used for the car manufacturing company.

Volvo L 224 Z Truck 1952 Wikimedia Commons

Fact #4

Volvo wheeled loaders are believed to be the most reliable machines, as they are able to attach any kind of attachment and raise the profitability a lot. Wheel loaders are versatile and efficient machines are capable of handling heavy construction, agriculture, material handling, recycling, truck loading and much more.

Truck VolvoVN780
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Fact #5

More than 95 percent of the trucks manufactured by Volvo Trucks belong to the heavy-duty class in terms of weight (ovtons).

Fact #6

The first driver’s club of Volvo Trucks was launched in 1999 in the United Kingdom, by the name Volvo Truck Nation.

Fact #7

Peugeot, Renault, and Volvo collectively designed a V6 engine, popularly called PRV, and it was included in the luxurious Volvo models.

Fact #8

In 1994, the Volvo FH was awarded as International Truck Of The Year.

Source by Anthony Hendriks