8 Tips to Keep Her Fire Burning

Learn all the secrets you need to take charge of the situation to keeping Your Sexual Desires Burning.


The trick to keeping sexual desire alive is to never let your fires go out completely. Keep your fire smoldering at all times by feeding your sensual mind. If your fire never goes out completely, then it won’t be hard to light it up into raging flames when the
situation calls for it. With the busy fast paced life most women live and the many roles
they play, sexual identity often gets lost in the shuffle and desire dwindles. You need to nurture your sexual identity. It’s as important as being a mother, friend, wife or housekeeper, etc.

Feed your sensual mind and keep your sexual desire smoldering with these hot tips:

Think sexy thoughts. Allow yourself to fantasize. Enjoy the view of that rugged construction worker down the road. Let your mind wander. Think about your lover frequently and what you would like them to do to you or what you’d like to do to them.
Relive exciting sexual experiences throughout your day. Remember how you felt when your lover touched you last night or last week.

Touch yourself sensually periodically throughout your day. Run your fingertips gently across your arms, inner thighs, calves, face, or neck. Tease yourself by brushing against your breasts. Caress yourself.

Read arousing material regularly. This may be in the form of an erotic story or a romantic story. Whatever it is that excites you. You can read alone and let your desire build for later or read something immediately before love making to really get you hot and ready. Make yourself feel sexy by dressing in something stimulating such as lingerie, a silk slip, short skirt, silk blouse or anything that makes you feel sexy. You can also feel incredibly sexy by
going without your bra and underwear throughout your day.

Do kegel exercises while in the car or sitting at your desk at work or watching TV. This means you squeeze your vaginal muscles as if you’re trying to stop the flow of urine and hold. Then repeat. You will feel a surge of arousal in your vaginal area. These exercises will also strengthen your vaginal muscles.

Masturbate regularly. You can either take this all the way and orgasm or you can just masturbate enough that it stimulates arousal and then stop and let it build. The more you have sex the more you will want it, so if you masturbate frequently to completion, your level of desire will increase and stay alive.

Spend quality sensual time with your partner on a regular basis. Perhaps you could share a passionate meal together complete with music, candles, and flowers and feed one another. Take intimate walks together. Shower together.

The key to keep your sexual desire alive is to participate in these activities on a regular basis, not just when you want to make love. Make yourself feel sensually alive at all times and you will find that it’s easy to be in the mood.

Loss of sexual desire is one of the most common factors that bring couples to counseling and cause conflict in the relationship, but there are quick and simple steps a couple can take immediately to eliminate this problem. Whether you are female or male, you can learn all the secrets you need to take charge of the situation to revive your woman’s desires or keep them from burning out, to begin with in, Keeping Your Sexual Desires Burning.


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