8 Useful Tips for Puggle Training

These tips will help to train your dog

The mating between pugs and beagles results in the production of puggles. Though puggles are hybrid dogs, they are more popular than their original non-hybrid parents. They are highly energetic and a happy dog that can be trained easily if you work with patience and consistency. If you keep the training sessions short and quick with a lot of fun and excitement, it will hold your Puggle’s attention for a long time. Lots of things are necessary while you are involved in puggle training perfectly. I have listed and explain some of them below:

• Taking your puggle to the vet
Once you brought your puggle home, you need to make an appointment with your Vet and take your puggle for complete check-ups. The veterinarian will give vaccines to your dog and some tips that will help you while dealing with your dog’s health.

• Feeding him
You should ask the breeder of your puggle about the food that he was being given earlier. Any sudden change in the food can result in some health problems. So, feed him the same food at least for few days and replace it with some other healthy diets that your dog may need. You need to feed your puggle four times a day until 10-12 weeks of age and eventually you can reduce it to twice a day when he grows into an adult. The favorite food of your puggle includes cottage cheese, liver sausage etc.

• Using crates
Crates can be helpful in many ways. The system of the crate has been evolved with the concept of “Denning Instincts”. It explains that when a mother dog gives birth to the puppy in the den, she keeps it as clean as possible and teaches her puppies the same. So, when you put any dog in the crate they consider it as their den and don’t make that place dirty. With this concept, people use crates mainly for potty training their dogs as it is one of the most effective ways for training it.

Furthermore, when you are going somewhere for a long tour, then your puggle puppy can feel secure in the crates. It will not create the feeling of loneliness or some abnormal behaviors when you leave him in the crate for many hours. They will enjoy eating, playing and spending most of their times in the crates.

• Putting them on leash or collar
Once you start taking your puggle outdoors, a leash or collar will be necessary for keeping them in control. At first, such leash or collar will seem strange to your puggle but eventually, he will become more obedient and disciplined by the use of it.

• Grooming Kit
You should also start a grooming routine as early as possible. Bath them once in a month with non-allergic shampoo prescribed by the veterinary. Clipping their nails and cleaning their ears is however not that much necessary but it you in doubt takes advice from the vet and solve it.

•Food and water dishes
It will be a good idea to buy wide bottom and heavy bowls because they tend to knock their bowls over spilling water and food all over the floor. You can buy heavy material which should be easy to clean like stainless steel or china clay.

• Using a routine
Any work that is done with proper planning and with a routine gives the best result. So, you should plan a proper schedule regarding your Puggle’s meal, playtime, exercise, and other things. With a proper routine, you can manage time easily and keep your dog well behaved and active.

• Socializing him
Socializing is important for developing more social behaviors in them. They may be unfamiliar with other pets and human beings due to which they might become aggressive seeing them. So, take them to public places and park to make frequent interaction with other pets and peoples. Ask your friends to caress them with care on their head. These types of activities will develop your puggle into a socially well behaved, disciplined and friendly dog for which you will feel proud.

Source by Gilroy Hicks