9 Reasons Why People Cheat On Their Spouses

People sometimes seek yet more excitement

Everyone with a conscience knows that cheating’s wrong. The psychopath probably can not grasp this, but here we’re talking about normal, everyday people. It’s automatically assumed that men cheat for sex. That man walks around thinking about sex and very little else.

Now with teenagers and young men in their early twenties, this may well be the case, but teenagers are not so likely to marry and nor are young men unless they’ve managed to make a girl pregnant and feel they should do the ‘Decent thing.’ But there are other forms of cheating.


How about the woman who’s desperate to be married, especially if it’s to someone particularly wealthy, or someone with her she’s madly in love. She tells him she’s pregnant. Perhaps, somehow, she’s secured some sort of ‘proof,’ and presents him with it. He’s very fond of her, but certainly was not thinking about marriage at this stage.

He decides to ask her to allow his own doctor to take a look at her, whereupon she becomes very indignant and asks how he can possibly disbelieve her. Hopefully, especially with the help of his parents, he sticks to his guns and she’s forced to undergo another test, thereby exposing her deceit, but if this does not happen, then this is cheating in every sense of the word.


There are 9 broad reasons why people cheat on their spouses.

1. Miserable, Inescapable Relationships These people probably do not go looking for affairs, but if the opportunity presents itself, then they grab it.

2. No Intimacy nor Communication. This relationship is dead. If it was once alive, the couple have completely soured on each other. They’ll simply drift apart.

3. Sexual Dissatisfaction. Perhaps one or the other or both are holding back. Maybe one or even both are already cheating?


4. Money Problems. You’re supposed to be a partnership. Face the future, however dark, together. But so often, as soon as a problem arises, the first thing people think about is divorce and / or cheating.

5. Adventure. As if marriage was not enough of an adventure, people sometimes seek yet more excitement. There’s the titillation of the hidden affair which is supposedly to add spice to the marriage, but all too frequently ends in heartbreak.


6. Lack Of Commitment. If you’re not committed to your marriage, then there really is not much hope. One or the other will go off the rails and that’ll be the end of that.

7. Boredom. This really comes under lack of communication. If you’re bored, tell your partner and do something about it. The chances are, though, that it’ll end up as just another affair.


8. Long Separations. Now, these can be rather tragic and sometimes unavoidable. If the husband’s job takes him abroad for extended periods, then this can make things very difficult for the wife.

9. Ego. The husband’s ignored at home, but his secretary treats him like a king. 92% of men give that as the cause of their having an affair. Might be a plan for women to take more notice here

Source by Mike Bond