A Beginner’s Guide On How To Do Sit Ups The Proper Way

Follow these steps to get the perfect abs

There are many exercises and things that you can do to try and lose weight, just as there are many exercises that you can do to get better-defined abs. And one of these exercises is sit ups, that’s right, sit ups. If you don’t know how to do sit ups, then fear not, below is an explanation on how to do sit ups the proper way.

Before proceeding through this explanation, however, you should first be aware that if you are suffering from a neck injury, a back injury, shoulder injury, or are just recovering from an injury, you should take things slow and wait until you are fully recovered before attempting to do sit ups. The reason for this is because sit ups, if not done properly, can cause neck, back or shoulder strain, and even injury. This is why it is imperative that any sit ups you do are done with the proper form and technique.


Now, to learn how to do sit ups. To begin with, you will need to find a place on the floor that is free from any type of clutter. This will be where you’re going to do your sit ups. If there is no such place, then clear a space off and lay an exercise mat or a thick blanket on the floor so that you are suitably cushioned from the floor.


Next, you will need to lie down on the floor face up. For the moment your feet should be extended to their full length. When you are comfortable, bend your legs at the knees and bring them in towards your buttocks, keeping your feet flat on the floor. Bring them into a comfortable position, and held in position.


Your hands can either be placed behind your head with the fingers laced lightly together, or you can keep them lightly crossed over your chest. You need to make sure that your hands are not at any time either supporting your neck or your head, or if they are on the chest, they shouldn’t be resting there like a dead weight.

As you can see, so far it hasn’t been difficult to learn how to do sit ups, but this is where the real deal comes along. To move on to the actual process of doing the sit-ups, you should try and regulate your breathing, (although this isn’t a necessary component of doing sit-ups, it can help you to bring your focus together).


Take a deep breath and lift your upper body off the ground, making sure that your abdominal muscles are the ones that are doing all the work and not any other muscle group. Bend your body in towards your knees, then go slowly back down towards the floor. Repeat between 8-10 times for the first few times you do this, ramping up to about 20 reps per set. It’s really not that hard to learn how to do sit ups, is it?

Source by Muna wa Wanjiru