Tracing The Brief History of Tire

Tire made a great contribution to the development of the world's automotive industry

The first tire is manufactured from wood and can be seen from the ancient Chinese chariot and the foreign gentleman carriage on.

Later, when the second explorer Christopher Columbus in the years 1493-1496 to explore the New World to reach Haiti on the West Indies island, we found the local kids playing rubber lumps, which he was surprised. He later this wonderful stuff back to the motherland, a few years later, the rubber has been widely used by the wooden wheels gradually becomes hard rubber manufacturing. But when the rubber tire or solid, walking up and uncomfortable, and the noise is also great. Until 1845, was born in the Scottish civil engineer R · w · JJ Thomson invented the pneumatic tire, and the theme of “the wheels of carts and other vehicles improved, access to the patent of the United Kingdom government. December 10 of the same year, the first pneumatic tire was born. The first people buy inflatable tires called listed, is aristocratic, the total price of the four tires forty-four pounds two shillings.

1847 “Scientific American” magazine describes the house of Thomson pneumatic tires, called an epoch-making improvement. However, the then British, too much emphasis on traditional gentrification, in order to protect the carriage, limiting the development of the steam cars, the speed of the car in urban areas is restricted to speed 2mile (about 3.2km), the suburbs 4mile (about 6.4km). JJ Thomson invention then there is no market, therefore, slowly will be forgotten. In other words, the house of Thomson’s first tire revolution did not bring the sun bright to humans because humans should be subjected to darkness seems to have been the head.

But the sun is always out because of the human, as well as all things, need it, 40 years later, in 1888, Mr. Englander J B Dunlop Pu veterinarian in Ireland when a pneumatic tire patent. , J · B · Mr. Deng Lupu 10-year-old son, Johnny, bought a three-wheeled bicycle, but since then the tires also are to do with hard rubber solid tires, full of stones on the road walking very comfortable the son complaining inspired Mr. Deng Lupu inspiration, therefore, be forgotten again advent of pneumatic tires for forty years. Mr. Deng Lupu invented the pneumatic tire quickly get on the bike with the progress of the times, the application, and to move quickly to the automotive sector, has made a great contribution to the development of the world’s automotive industry.

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