A Food Trail in Orlem

My list of the best food joints in Orlem, Malad


The vacations have begun and I’m bored like every other FYJC student. I call my friend up. We decide to do something that we’ve been planning to do for a long time. We’re foodies so we go visit all the good food joints in Orlem, Malad. We had a gala time gossiping and uploading pictures on Snapchat. Then I decided I would write about it. Here is my list of the top 10 restaurants in Orlem.

1. The Fakt Café

Image: Facebook

This brand-new café is located at the edge of Sundar Lane. The long wooden tables and chairs lend a friendly and homely atmosphere. This place is extremely teen-friendly due to the free wifi and the latest Taylor Swift and One Direction songs blaring.The live music just takes it up a notch. The food is presented well. I like the painting of the South Indian classical dancer with ghungroos.

“A perfect café that serves delicious meals. It will refresh you after a long, tiring week,” says Ananya Shetty, an Orlemite.

2. Brunch N Munch

Image: Facebook

This place experiences a lot of footfall and is located at Sundar Lane as well. I liked the  innovatively named dishes such as ’The Bhukhad Burger’, ‘Jaw Breaker Chicken’ and  ‘B n M Creations’. The place is great for people who like to enjoy their meal with a very lively environment and is a better option than the roadside stalls during the monsoon. You have to wait a bit for your food to arrive due to the level of detail that goes into the preparation. It is a paradise for meat lovers.

”The fresh waffles are a break from the mundane routine,” says Kriti Edwankar.

3. The Honky Tonk

The café’s board changes every 30 seconds and is very eye-catching for passersby. The café has both, air-conditioned as well as non-air conditioned sitting arrangements. You  can enjoy your food with the foot-tapping music that plays along. The cafe is a hit with all age groups.

“Live refreshing music and the pleasant environment make you look forward to the work week,” said Kelvin Fernandes, a regular visitor.

4. Tibbs Frankie

Image: Facebook

This place has been around since the 1990s and I’m sure your parents must have had their frankies many times. It has now revamped itself and provides not only frankies, but full meals and beverages. It is not recommended for people who like to eat at a quiet place due to its location near the busy Marve Road in Orlem.

“A place for both youngsters and their parents to enjoy a hearty meal,” says Mrs Sujata Nair.

5. Fizzy

Teens often flock to this place during their short breaks between tuitions and gulp down sodas and frankies.

Mitchell Desousa says, “ The sodas are very refreshing”.

6. Aaron’s Bake N Brew House

Image: Facebook

Situated exactly at the heart of Orlem, Aaron’s offers a variety of quick bite options right from various kinds of breads to desserts. The place is well-lit and the cups from around the world add to the charm. It offers savoury dishes and fresh bread that can be parcelled home.

“This lovely take-away place awaits you in the heart of Orlem.” – Yohana Pais

7. Dorothy’s

This place is known for its ability to serve up some quick, tasty snacks. Although it has limited seating, people still flock to it for its fresh food. It is located right opposite two schools, and students are often seen coming to Dorothy’s for a quick bite. It is also considered as an ideal place to buy snacks for last-minute parties. Post 8:00 p.m., there are some amazing offers which attracts a lot of customers.

8. Foodie Station

Quality food on a budget is the best way to describe this place. The staff is friendly but provides slow service. The food is authentic and evokes memories of the traditional Mangalorean meals in Orlem.

“The authentic food at this place evokes a sense of nostalgia,” says Mrs Bavita Shetty.

9. Maldrin’s Chinese Restaurant

Image: Facebook

Those who love Chinese food, look no further. The dim lights and the slow-paced songs playing in the background soothe you as you tuck in to your meal. This place is ideal for families.

“Being a Chinese food lover, I usually prefer Martins for a fun time with my family”, said Sanjana Nair.

10. Once Again

Image: Facebook

This café is located at Mith Chowki just where Orlem begins. The cafe’s exteriors don’t look that great but you shouldn’t really judge a book by its cover. As you enter the place, you find the walls adorned with comics strips and quotes which lend it a fun vibe. The place also reserves the upper half for parties in case you wish to throw one. The menu offers a great variety—name it and its there.