A Group of American Hindus Want Trump to Be US President


Donald Trump, much maligned reality star, realty mogul and now Republican presidential candidate has been the butt of jokes (again) ever since he announced he’s been running for office with his slogan, “Make America Great Again”. Among the many stupid things he’s said, one that stands out is, “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what … is going on.” He also wishes to deport 11 million illegal immigrants and build a wall on the US-Mexico border. Indian Hindus like most immigrant groups have traditionally voted Democrat. Now, one would think no liberal educated person or group of people especially immigrants themselves would support such a man. One would think wrong.

A Facebook group, Hindus for Trump, which has about 282 likes which describes itself as an “American Hindus are model citizens, educated and industrious. We want a responsible nation where Americans are both safe and free.” The community disseminates pro-Trump news articles and opinions through its Facebook and Twitter account.

A group called “Indian-Americans for Trump 2016” has been registered with the Federal Election Commission as a political action committee (PAC) on Jan. 21. They hope to gather support from the prosperous, educated Indian-American community in the U.S.

In the press release, the PAC said, “The officers of the Indian-Americans for Trump 2016 urge all Americans to join in the effort and support Donald Trump in his endeavor to make America great again by electing him the next President of the USA.”

In another link shared by the group, a “socially, liberal, millennial immigrant” explains why Trump has the “necessary leadership” to get his vote in the Presidential election. He writes, “I am part of a generation that is facing stagnant salaries, rising debt and government programs that may not sustain us. I want a president with the business acumen to rectify these issues.”

According to a blog, hindusfortrump.blogspot.in, the  Indian American Intellectuals Forum” has posted a full advertisement endorsing Trump in their “India World Geopolitics” newspaper. The ad reads, “Problems of America and the world are unprecedented, America needs a President who can solve problems, cure economy, make excellent deals, deliver results, counter challenges and threats to the nation with strong will and inspire the nation to new direction . That is Donald Trump. He needs no favor from any quarter. All that he seeks is your support to get the start for a new and safe America and towards a more secure world.

The page even shares a link that compares Donald Trump to Subramanian Swamy calling them right but politically incorrect. To further drum up support for Trump and to establish a connect with the Republican candidate and their motherland, they write, “Trump recognizes achievements of India, mutual respect!”

The page come with its fair share of detractors. One comment reads, “As a Hindu American, I am unbelievably appalled that you support a man who does not even fit in the vision of Hinduism. Artha is about financial security and economic prosperity, not the abuse of wealth and assets to make people do what they want. Trump is the very embodiment of that which Hindus should abhor. You don’t represent Hindus and you definitely don’t represent me.”

Another scathing comment reads, “Trump is socially conservative (anti-LGBTQ, anti-choice, anti-gun control, misogynistic, and racist). He’s anti-1st amendment / freedom of speech and wants to ‘open up libel laws’. He’s literally nothing you describe. He is an idiot. Stop the delusions.”

With Trump emerging victorious in 7 states on Super Tuesday, this group is probably having the last laugh, for now.