A Life To Remember

We are all aging – minute by minute hour by hour day by day. We all have “to do” lists, “not to do” lists, memories, and regrets. If we have any type of conscience our memories should out-weigh our regrets.

Have we been kind to our families, our employees, our neighbors, our friends and our communities?

Have we really tried to mentor our youth?

Are we good role models?

These are the questions we ask ourselves or should ask ourselves on a daily basis.

What will our legacy look like?

When someone gives our erology, what will they say? They will not talk about our cars, our bank accounts or our homes. They will hopefully talk about our lifetime accomplishments … Were we kind, giving, compassionate? Did we abuse someone in our lifetime?

If you really want to know what you are really like, ask your family. They may be happy to discuss how you made them proud or they may silently be accused of what you have become.

Are you an abuser?

When they say an apple does not fall too far from the tree … what does that really mean? As parents, we can be proud of our children and all their accomplishments, but we must also accept responsibility for some of their short comings, too. Are you proud or ashamed?

As children, we can complain about everything we might do differently than our parents, but many times follow in their footsteps too. Are you kind to others or have you, unfortunately, become an abuser too?

How does one become an abuser?

How does that get passed on from one family member to another? Who teaches Elder Abuse? Why does it exist?

We all know that Elder Abuse can be PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL.

It can be as simple as a disregard gesture, a prolonged lapse of contact, or ill remarks that make them feel undesirable and or even unnecessary in one’s busy life.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Physical Abuse is a cowardly way to show power when words just are not strong enough to get one’s way. Either way, it is ABUSE and is totally inexcusable. Are you willing to stop the abuse?

Is this something you want talked about at your own ecology? What would it be like to hear “He/she was such a nice person when they neglected their own parents, pushed their mom to the ground or would not top up their income to give them a good quality of life?”

Abuse does not always have to be physical or confrontational … it can be based on greed and ignorance. Why do children think it’s OK to go on trips, drive fancy cars and put mom/dad in a 3rd class nursing home or live in poverty?

Why do children today think it is OK not to visit or participate in traditional holidays?

How long does it take to pick up the phone, send a card or stop by for a tea?

How much time do we spend with others … and then say we have no time for families.

Are our family members tip-pointing around us, for fear we will not come to see them again or will explode into a temp tamper because they made them feel bad?

Abuse is just wrong on so many levels and yet we as a society many times just do not see it in our daily activities. We get tied up in our own lives and may even be unintentionally emotionally upsetting our families. Physical abuse is blatant … we know it is happening and it needs to stop.

Elder Abuse is wrong.

I know of someone who is an abusing someone … Get involved and help stop the abuse.

Let’s create awareness.

Let’s take a strong stand on this act of abuse. These perpetrators are weak, self-centered and need professional help.

Do not stand back and let it happen.

Be a role model and teach our youth to be respectful and kind to the elderly.

If you are the one abusing someone, stop Now and seek HELP or take steps to make changes.

Let’s start creating memories and good karma … and extremely creating an erology that you can be proud of.

Source by Tammy Francoeur