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(London, England July 20, 2008) A new web site has just been launched that targets adults looking for sexual fun and adventure. It capitalizes on the very latest trends in the adult adventure: a sex vacation. Using its own search engines the site, matches adult services with clients around the world.

It also boasts the largest internet archive of user contributed clips of sex workers in action.

Among the users of are Donna and Jim. A married couple looking for a place to vacation. Donna and Jim’s criterion is that their vacation spot must be a major European city and it must provide an entree for them to enjoy their swinging lifestyle. How do they obtain the information they need? For the most current information found anywhere, they went to

Based upon information provided by the businesses and those who have used a service, brings the user all the information they need to make an informed decision about their travel plans. One unique feature of the site is that it’s tailored for people from all experiences of life – male and female Heterosexuals, bi’s, gay and lesbian.

Simply plug in the place you want to go and the adult pleasure you want and will provide you with the information you seek. Based in London, England,, a spokesperson for the company had this to say: “We employ high-end graphics and interfaces designed to be user-friendly. We’ve made the site easy to navigate. Visitors will find information about nearly 20 different types of adult businesses. This information is brought to the user via both word and picture, and user generated videos of encounters in the adult sex industry.” is leveraged to be the only site a user needs to plan their sex vacation. Not only that, you can also upload and share your videos of encounters with ladies of the night. Like an adult youtube but specializing in videos of sex workers doing their thing.

Have you ever been curious about taking a vacation where the sex was your only responsibility? Visiting exotic playgrounds around the world? Are you looking for new experiences with the men and women you fantasize about? If so, have I got an answer for you:; At you’ll join a community of sex tourists from around the world who all share this one goal: a vacation filled with sexual pleasure. At you’ll find everything you’ll need to make your fantasies come to life. Get a feel for what you are getting into by watching amateur videos; people have filmed of their travels around the world sampling beautiful ladies, including prostitutes and related legal sex workers. The site boasts an interactive global map so you can easily locate your pleasure wherever you are headed; a users forum where you and others with similar tastes can steer to each other for that perfect sensual adventure; and, the opportunity to leave your own reviews of that adventure and the services encountered.Image result for sexy

At you’ll enter an interactive world where the one thing in common is sex, sex, and more sex. For example, let’s say you are a middle aged woman whose husband has emotionally abandoned her.  She is still very interested in sex, but not in a relationship. She’s on her way to London for a weekend and would like some male company. What’s a girl to do? Visit, enter Male Escorts in London in the search engine and Bingo! Up comes a screen listing the escort services available to her in London. Complete with reviews, descriptions, prices, and even photos.

Whatever your sexual interest, has a venue for you. For example, let’s say you want to visit San Francisco, CA in the U.S. You’ve heard that the sex club business there is top notch. You go to and on the home page in the “Search by Business” box you type in sex clubs. You then go to the “Search by Location” box and add San Francisco, CA to your search. Hit the Search button and you’re taken to a page that displays all of the sex clubs listed in San Francisco.

You’re then directed to a search results page. Here you’ll find a map of San Francisco with the location of sex clubs clearly marked. Just below the map are displayed the results of your search. Next are Recent Reviews of the sex clubs that have been visited. Let’s say there are a couple of different ones in the recent review section that catches your eye. Simply click on the link for that review and you’re directed to a page that displays each review.

Now you’ve identified two or three sex clubs that are on your must see list. How do you keep track of them? Simply go to the tab marked Your Black Book. Here you’ll be able to save and keep track of your favorite hot spots in your profile.

If you’d like more information, sign-up for their premium service, it’s well worth it. The Forum is a comprehensive guide to sexual adventure around the world, there is truly no source of information like it anywhere. is a user driven site. Surprisingly, you may find yourself becoming a part of an active users community. One that shares ideas, locales, and businesses with each other. Steering users to the best of the best and away from those rip-off services.

Whatever your thing, you’ll find it at Here’s a listing of the adult businesses found on the site: sex clubs, BDSM clubs, TV clubs, adult parties, male or female escorts, gay escorts, massage parlors, swinger clubs,

Strip clubs, sex shops, theaters, and fetishes. When you choose an activity and a location up pops a listing of all the matches for your selections. Not just listings, but you’ll also find user reviews, good and bad. is a membership based site. There are two levels of membership available: basic and premium. By signing up for the no-cost basic membership you immediately have access to all of the basic information available on the site. Premium membership has many added features making it a value driven choice. The enhanced feature includes being able to access a priceless wealth of user generated content, amateur videos that people have filmed of their travels around the world sampling beautiful ladies, including prostitutes and related legal sex workers.

Worried about the legality of such an adventure? has researched the answers for you. There you’ll find the answers to these and other questions you may have.

What separates from other so-called tourist sites is its comprehensive coverage, ease of use and its overall “feel.” What do I mean by comprehensive? Well, not only caters to the tastes of straight men but offers information for the gay and lesbians, and bisexual as well. Always on the cutting edge, has recognized that female sex tourism is on the rise, especially by rich white middle aged women. This growing segment of the sex tourist industry is not forgotten.

As for’s ease of use this site is unparalleled in its ease of use and the comfort level it has for its users. The entire site is laid out in an intuitive manner. There’s no hunting for this or that feature, it’s all right there, intuitive, easy to find and easy to use.Image result for sexy

The feel of is that of a high-end web site. One of the things that many will appreciate is that when you go to you don’t have to be looking over your shoulder all the time wondering if someone is going to catch you visiting an adult site. No in-your-face porn or pop-ups.

Whatever you’re looking for in the way of sexual adventure you’ll find at Check it out, that’s Enjoy!

User Review

Wow! This site rocks. I’ve been surfing the net trying to find information on an upcoming adventure I’m thinking about embarking on when I came across Now, you don’t know me and probably never will, but I’ve got to tell as many as I can about this place. First, let me say a bit more about myself. I’m what you’d call a young professional. I’m 28 and work for a large company here in the States. I make pretty good money and I’m single with no attachments to any specific woman. Another thing I do have is a very healthy sex drive. I try to keep up with the latest trends and in doing so I heard several people at the local bar talking about sex vacations. Hmmm, a sex vacation. What a concept. This certainly peaked my interest.

I began surfing the net by trying to find information on the topic of sex vacations. When I Google the subject I came across lots of sites. But I was really turned off by most of them. The sites I found were either only for swingers, not my bag or were poorly done. During my travels on the net, I came across The boy was it just what I was looking for. A site that not only allowed me to pick a location anywhere in the world, but it also let me find what interested me by category. Whether you are looking for a bit of fun and want to find something locally, or if you want to travel to an exotic location in search of some naughty fun. is your resource!

Now I’ve always wanted to go to one of those exotic places we all hear about. A place where the sun never seems to set and the women a free and easy. A place like Rio. All I needed to do was go to and there was everything I needed to explore my trip. The home page has a built in a search engine where I entered Rio de Janeiro in the Search by Location box and the type of sex business I was looking for in the Search by a Business box and away I went.

This very cool site offers almost every type of sex business imaginable. For example, you can search for such activities as sex clubs, TV clubs, BDSM clubs, strip clubs, massages, fetishes, male and female escort services for both men and women to name just a few. In fact, there was a business that I didn’t even know existed. One of the really neat things is that this site caters to specific communities such as the gay and lesbian, bi, straight, fetish, and other interests. And these are legitimate businesses, not some seedy fly-by-night rip-off joint.

The forum area was hot. I hooked up with a couple of people who had the same sexual interest as me and was able to learn a whole lot more about places listed on the site. The reviews were helpful as well. Here I could get the lowdown, good and bad, on sexual services before I spent my hard earned cash.

Another really neat feature is the maps and the links to sex businesses. You can go anywhere in the world using the map system has. Or if you’re like me I wanted to read about what services were offered under Strip Clubs (my fantasy). I entered Rio in the location box and Sex Clubs in the business box and presto, I was given information about all the sex clubs in Rio that were listed on the site. And the description for some of them made for really good reading. In addition, the good folks at added in links to many of the businesses.

I found the user reviews to be especially helpful and fun to read. Users are invited to add their own review of a business for others to see. It’s really cool to read about real experiences written by real people. I’m sure to use a business that has a positive user review rather than depends on some paid slick writers “positive” report. Another nice feature is found under the tab marked Top Reviewers. Here you will find the best of the best reviews. I know that after reading the reviews I found this or that person written a review to really stand out. The Top Reviewers tab lets me see all the reviews written by my favorite reviewer.

One of my favorite features, other than some very interesting videos and pictures (always a good thing) was something called Your Black Book. Once I became a member I could store all the information about places that tweaked my interest in one place so I could come back to them.

As I just mentioned in order to really get the most from the site you should become a member. Basic membership doesn’t cost a thing. For those of us who take our sex seriously, does offer a premium membership. Premium membership brings you added stuff like raw, real video footage of sex workers in action, user generated content, amateur videos that people have filmed in their travels around the world sampling beautiful ladies, including prostitutes and related legal sex workers. After seeing what the premium offers you can be sure that’s what I’m going to hook up with.

Did I leave anything out? In fact, I did. When you visit the home page be sure to check out the right side of the page. There you’ll find several interesting sponsored links. Just below those links is a nice idea: a featured business. is as easy to use as any site I’ve found. A simple interface clearly marked links and tabs, and an informative How it Works tab. Very intuitive. Because is continually being updated with new content, it’s the kind of site that you keep going back to. Check it out, I think you’ll be as surprised and pleased as I was.

Site Review

I started today’s review intending to focus on those sites that promise you a sexual adventure. More specifically those sites that help you, the reader, learn about the latest thing in the world of sex: how to plan your sexual holiday. You pick the activity that meets your need then match that activity with a locale you want to visit. Presto, you’ve got a sexual vacation. Rather than look at the run of the mill I’ve decided to focus on the newest, and in my opinion, the best site. is an interactive guide for those adventurous men, and yes even women… looking for that right location to take their sexual holiday. Sexual holidays are the very latest idea in things to do for recreation. And why not? With you have the opportunity to pick your locale anywhere in the world, select your activity and enjoy. This site gives you the opportunity to search, locate, and review all people, places, and activities having to do with sex.

The site itself is laid out in a very professional manner. There is no pop-ups or in your face porn, just straightforward information. There are seven tabs. Each clearly marked as to where they will take you. Let’s take a closer look at the world of sexual information available to you behind each tab.

First, there’s Forum. An easy to read discussion place where users can post information about their experiences or simply ask questions about where they are planning to go. It’s like a consumer’s report on what to enjoy and what to avoid.

The next tab is Review a Service. Full of useful information this tab gives you not only reviews from people who have used the service, but you get a map to locate the service and a link to its web site.

For those who are really serious about sharing information with others this next tab, Top Reviewers, is your place to be heard. The people select the best of the best to be viewed here.

The other tabs include areas for members only. One of these private areas is Your Black Book. And yes, it is just what the name implies. A place where you keep that information you want regarding your own private fantasies. Let’s say I’m looking for that very special and personal message. This tab allows you to keep track of what you have found on that matches your desires.

Another area is found under the tab marked Submit a Service. Here you and others users can add businesses that you discover. Lastly, there is a tab entitled

How it Works. This is exactly what is found here, an easy to understand guided tour of A quick word about membership. There are two levels: basic and premium. There is no charge for the basic service. When you upgrade to premium for a more than fair one-time charge, you’ll receive added service to make your tours even more useful, including video and photos were taken by other users that show a sampling of beautiful ladies in action, including prostitutes and related legal sex workers.

The feel of is that of a high-end web site. One of the things that many will appreciate is that when you go to you don’t have to be looking over your shoulder all the time wondering if someone is going to catch you visiting an adult site. No in-your-face porn or pop-ups. How does it work? Really quite well. In fact, this reviewer can honestly say the is a one-of-a-kind web site. Sure there are others who claim to be directories for sexual adventure, but none that I’ve seen comes even close to doing it the way these people do.Image result for sex workers is not a static web site. It is continually adding information. This feature alone makes the site a worthwhile visit, but if you add to this the really professional layout of the site, the range of information available to the user, its ease of use, interactive maps, the custom ability to match your personal needs what you get is the complete package. Visit it soon; I think you’ll like it.


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