Air Freshener For Your Car

Odors can affect your mental state, so you must try to maintain a pleasant smell.


Everyone enjoys different smells. Studies have proven that scents not only affect people’s moods, but they also affect work performance and personal relationships. Also, everybody would like your car to smell clean and fresh always. One of the Car accessory people like to buy is Car Air freshener.

Car Air Freshener is used in cars to provide a pleasing aroma. Car Air Fresheners are small in size and cost effective &  they can be easily fitted into any car. It keeps the interiors of the car fresh and refreshing & they bring fresh scent or odor inside the car. 

Car Air fresheners work in the following ways:

1. Masking: Many “fresheners” obscure odors with a fragrance.

2. Disinfection: Odors caused by bacterial activity can be eliminated by disinfectants like ozone, TEG or bleaching agents containing hydrogen peroxide, chlorine or hypochlorites.

3. Absorption: Adsorbents like activated charcoal or silica gel may be used to absorb offending, chemical odors.

4.  Anesthetization: Some air fresheners use anesthetics to dull the sense of smell.

5. Chemical neutralization: Substances such as rubber may be used for some odors.

However, the scented oil in a Car air freshener evaporates soon after being exposed to the air. Car air fresheners that hold a scented oil or gel in a container control the rate of evaporation better and maintain their power longer. 

Instead of buying Air freshener from the store, you can use homemade Air freshener for your car in scents of your choice. Get creative and make homemade varieties that work better and last longer than store-bought Air fresheners. All you need are sheets of craft felt, fabric glue, a sturdy hole punch, scissors, clear thread, and essential oil in a scent of your choice.

Car air fresheners can help you to make your car an enjoyable place to be no matter how much time you spend in it.

Source by Rakesh S