Akhilesh Yadav Beats IAS Officers Single-Handedly, Four Years In A Row

Akhilesh Yadav should be playing in the World T20. An all-rounder of his ilk is hard to come by. He can win matches with the bat and/or the ball. And if that fails, he can win matches on the strength of his personality alone. MS Dhoni, sorry, but you are not in the same league.

For the fourth year in a row, the Chief Minister’s XI and the Uttar Pradesh IAS Officers Association XI played a friendly T20 match in Lucknow. He led the team for the fourth year in a row. He won the match for the fourth year in a row. He was Man of the Match this time, we don’t know what happened the last three matches.

Check out this NDTV video. Uff! What batting! Look at that stance. Virat Kohli should learn to bat from him.

His team batted first. He scored 65 runs with 11 fours and a six before he was out, bowled. His 65 was instrumental in his team’s total of 127 runs. The moment of the match came when he was bowled (0.44 in the video). The IAS officer who took his wicket didn’t celebrate. He held his head in agony and walked back to his bowling mark. No team-member came to congratulate him. Looking at the expression on his face, you would have thought he hit an old lady with a truck.

The drama wasn’t over though. No sir, not by a long shot. The IAS team came out to bat. And boy, did they make batting look easy. They scored at a fast clip and needed four runs to win in two overs. Chief Minister Yadav stepped up, that’s right, the captain bowled. He is not like Dhoni, who gives the ball to a regular bowler because he is scared of bowling to the opposition. Joginder Sharma, ghar pe jao. Chief Minister Yadav has guts. And what an over he bowled. He bowled such a good over that the IAS officers forgot to bat. They were so scared that they only managed to score two runs in two overs. Chief Minister Yadav won the match by one run.

Phew, there was so much tension. It was as good if not better than watching Sachin Tendulkar’s bowling in the Hero Cup.

And then, there was the press conference where UP Chief Secretary Alok Ranjan (captain of the losing team) said they lost a match that was theirs to win.

Basically, it’s the story of India. The small guy lies down. The big man walks over him.

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