Alcohol Substance Abuse Complications

The alcoholic can develop legal problems associated with alcohol substance abuse

Alcohol substance abuse is a dangerous behavior that has many complications.  The complications can be related to health, relationships, job and legal issues.  The life of the alcoholic can be really messed up in alcohol substance abuse.

One of the first complications of alcohol substance abuse is relationship problems.  There can be domestic violence or simply arguments around drinking, both of which undermine the love in the relationship.  The active alcoholic has a high degree of divorce rates due to their alcohol substance abuse and the way it interacts with relationships.  Even children can have relationship problems with the alcoholic, who is often emotionally unattached or unavailable to them.

The alcoholic can begin to have job issues related to their alcohol substance abuse.  They can have increased absenteeism and do more poorly on the job because of being drunk on the job or hung over on the job.  The alcoholic has frequent hangovers and this problem impacts the way they function while working.  The boss may notice the decline in functioning and coworkers may find themselves being codependent and helping you get by when the alcoholic is drunk or hung over.

The alcoholic can have serious health problems associated with alcohol substance abuse.  He or she can have liver damage, including having a fatty liver or problems with scar tissue on the liver, a problem called cirrhosis.  The alcoholic can develop gastric ulcers and esophageal varies.  Esophageal variances are varicose veins of the esophagus that can bleed heavily and can be fatal.  Esophageal variances are caused by pressure building up in the portal venous system of the abdomen due to cirrhosis of the liver.  Health problems of those with alcohol substance abuse can all be fatal and can shorten the lifespan of the alcoholic.

The alcoholic can develop legal problems associated with alcohol substance abuse.  They are more prone to domestic violence and assault issues because of their drinking.  They are more prone to getting a DUI or DWI, which is drinking while driving.  The legal limit is only 0.08 mg/dL of alcohol, which, for an alcoholic, is actually somewhat low.  If the alcoholic gets caught drinking and driving, he or she may face a license revocation, fines and time in jail, along with probation or community service.  If he alcoholic has more than four DUIs in ten years, it is called a felony DUI and the jail time can be up to ten years and $14,000 in fines in some states.

Source by M. Cohan