America Elects, Then Protests

Thousands of Americans take to the streets to protest against the newly elected US President shouting slogans such as "Not My President"

Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump was elected the 45th US President edging out favourite Hillary Clinton last night. Trump, who has no previous political or military experience thanked his followers last night at a victory speech after which everything was expected to settle down. But many Americans were not taking this news lying down and took to the streets in protest declaring he is ‘not their President’.

Thousands of protestors in Boston, Los Angeles, New York and Austin lined the streets. 5000 people gathered in New York alone to protest Trump’s views on immigration and women’s rights.

Hundreds protested in Chicago in a mile-long march.

In Oakland, a 1000 people gathered to protest.

In Portland, protestors chanted “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA”.

In Los Angeles, many Latinos protested near City Hall. In Austin,TX, protestors blocked a highway on Wednesday afternoon.

Thousands gathered at Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco protesting against Trump’s hardline views on gay rights.

Students at the American University in Washington, and Berkeley High School in California walked out of their classes in protest.

Protests have also emerged outside the US embassy in London where demonstrators have likened the 45th President to Hitler.