American Judge Wears Pussyhat to Court

The judge wore a popular feminist symbol to commissioner's court

Credit: Twitter/Joe Biggs

A ‘pussyhat’ is a pink-knitted hat with peaks that resemble cat ears was worn by many women’s rights supporters during the Women’s March last week. It has now come to be known as a feminist symbol and is so popular in Seattle, that the pink yarn used to create these hats were sold out.

Its would be perfectly acceptable for a sea of protesters to wear the hat since it explicitly states their beliefs, which is their intention – not on a judge in a courtroom. Travis County, Texas, Judge Sarah Eckhardt didn’t seem to think so because she wore one in a courtroom. The image – shared by freelance reporter Joe Biggs – went viral. “Get my cat ears going here,” the judge said as she presided over commissioner’s court.

Wearing and making a show of a strongly political statement falls in the realm of biased and partial. One social media user pointed out that the judge may show bias to males in her court. But an investigation into her garb has revealed that she has done nothing illegal.

An ABC affiliate has revealed: “In Travis County, the ‘County Judge’ position is an elected role. The winner of the election oversees the commissioners court and is in many ways a commissioner themselves. Similar to a City Council and mayor relationship, the County Judge acts as the head of the Commissioners and county government.”

It seems that she is more like an elected mayor than a judge, which means she is in the clear.