A 12-year Old Girl Writes An Open Letter to Narendra Modi


This Republic Day eve, instead of giving you the standard spiel on patriotism and what have you, we asked 12-year old Mumbai student Arundhati Kapur to write to Prime Minister Narendra Modi her version of a better India.

Honourable Prime Minister,

We are happy that you have taken over the government of India and India is likely to emerge as a world power which gives us a sense of pride.

This Republic Day, I would like you to take a look at some areas which are hurting the country.

I have seen that pedestrian crossings in Mumbai are not kept well. In Mumbai, there are many walking paths where there are no manhole covers and sometimes you have open gutters. This can be dangerous for people, especially little children. Many people can fall into the gutters and get badly injured.

The road conditions in India are terrible. I feel, instead of making asphalt roads, you should make roads out of concrete. This will make them stronger and save India’s money in expenditures of rebuilding roads after every two months. For example the roads I use to get to school have just been built and have already been dug up again. My journey to school which should take 10 to 15 minutes takes almost half an hour.

I think that walking paths should be used only for people to walk on instead of motorbikes and cyclists using them as roads or hawkers to sell their wares. This will make roads safer for Pedestrians.

In many countries there is a system where schools hire people who help children cross roads which make roads a safe place for children, especially for unaccompanied children walking to school. Employing people to escort children will also reduce the rate of unemployment.

Another thing I have noticed is that there are many buildings that are coming up. I think that instead of one individual having two or three houses, why not use that land for constructive work like more government schools and shelters for homeless people. Some of this land can also be used to build parks which will give places for children to play and will also help the environment.

I have seen that often people throw materials in usable condition, instead of recycling it. People should be encouraged to recycle. This can make the condition of the earth better, and also save the finite resources of India. Also, every Republic Day societies should plant trees.

Dining areas should be built instead of malls, which will provide meals for the less fortunate, and these meals should be nutritional. This way people will not suffer from diseases like malnutrition and will be able to focus in school and can achieve in life.

I a citizen of this nation look forward to partnering with you in helping India strive towards prosperity for all.

Have a very good Republic Day!

Thank you.


Arundhati Kapur