Antioxidants Plus A Healthy Diet

Antioxidants have also been found to be beneficial for cancer patients who are undergoing therapy

What you eat will greatly affect the kind of person that you are. This is true for humans as well as for dogs. What you give him will affect his behavior and the kind of life that he will lead. Therefore, you must be careful about the kind of foods that you feed him. When you give him well-balanced meals and snacks that are definitely healthy, he will have a longer, healthier and happier life. Dogs are omnivores and can eat meat, fruits, and vegetables. Ask your vet for the best possible diet that you can give to your dog so that he will enjoy health to the optimum. There are diets that are available in the market that is well-worth it because they use organic and natural products but it is better if you can make one at home.

Homemade diets might take more effort and time but they are often much better than commercial ones. Raw and vegetarian diets are also an option to provide complete and balanced nutrition for your dogs. You may need to consult an expert for proper supervision. Some dog shaves been reported to live up to 20 years in this type of diet. There are dog snacks that you can buy in the market, but fruits and vegetables can make for a healthy snack, too. Some, that are rich in natural antioxidants, are oranges, sweet potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, asparagus tips, and cantaloupes. Oranges are a good source of Vitamin C, sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin E and Beta Carotene, tomatoes are full of lycopene, and carrots and cantaloupes provide Beta Carotene for your dog.

Giving your dog antioxidant supplements have been found to be very beneficial in slowing the aging process, especially when they are given early on. Scientists have discovered that starting your puppy on a supplementation of antioxidants will help to increase his lifespan by up to 20%. The reason being is, in young puppies, free radical problems have not yet taken place to a tremendous level.

There are different types of antioxidant supplements, which are available in the market. They include Vitamins A, C, E; minerals like Zinc and selenium; and food nutrients like Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid. These substances make up the natural defenses of a body from free-radical damage. They neutralize free radicals thereby decreasing the amount of oxidative damage that can be done.

Other antioxidant supplements include:

Bioflavonoid – This helps decrease the severity of allergic reactions, asthma, and can help prevent cancer.

Green Tea – Its antioxidants can help decrease the risk for heart disease and cancer. They help protect the nerves that provide nourishment to the brain and heart.

Lutein – This is a pigment which is extracted from marigolds. They help protect your dog’s eyes and reduce the risk of developing an eye cataract.

Melatonin – It helps to regulate sleeping patterns in your dog. It has been used for cancer therapy and it is also useful for your dog’s brain.

Antioxidants have also been found to be beneficial for cancer patients who are undergoing therapy. In controlled observations, people and animals, which were given antioxidant supplements handled their treatments much better and experienced lesser amounts of weight loss. In addition to that, they got a greater standard of living and even lived considerably longer compared to those that didn’t.

Source by Steve Weber