Are Discount Travel Sites Really Worth It?

Many of these sites only show the best hotels or the most popular airlines.


You may have seen advertisements about discount travel sites on television and wondered if these really give the best deals when planning your next vacation. In some respects, they can be a good way to book you vacation packages, but you should know some facts before choosing one of them. For starters, they are not all the same, and some sites show better deals than others.

You really have to do your foot work when it comes to these sites. While many offer discounts, some of the problems that you face is the fact that they combine airfare, hotel accommodations and even car rental services together, and you have to book them all in one in order to receive the discount. If you already have your airline tickets arranged, or don’t need to rent a car, your hotel deal may not be that good.

Another thing you have to watch out for is that many of these sites only show the best hotels or the most popular airlines. You may find lower rates on other, less popular airlines or hotels, but you will never know unless you look. Then there are the fees they charge. Usually, these sites lure you in with great deals, but when you are ready to book your deal, you have to join their site and pay a fee. Some of these are one time, and others are monthly. It is a good idea to do your homework first.

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Source by David Dutton