Are You Compare Yourself

Believe your own self


Last weekend I attended a business summit and I always like to share what I learn at these events when I get back. This is something that it took me many years to learn, in fact, I would say that it’s been one of my biggest life lessons.

It is something that, if you do it, (and many of us do) it will keep you stuck in a BIG way. It’s comparing you to others. Do you compare yourself to others? It’s something I used to consistently do – and of course, it did keep me stuck.

You are unique. There is nobody like you. You have your own unique gifts and talents. When you constantly compare yourself to others you are basically saying that you’re not good enough. You do not want to be like somebody else – you want to be you. The world needs you just as you are.

If you compare yourself to others you will always feel that you come up short. You will always find something lacking in yourself – that’s because you can never be just like somebody else. Have you ever seen someone who is trying to be like someone else instead of just being themselves? You can tell right away that they are not being authentic. It does not feel good and you do not want to be around them.

If you compare yourself to others you will never be enough. You will not feel slim enough, tall enough, clever enough, funny enough, and so on. This kind of energy will hold you back in a big way.

You may not even think you do it in every area of your life, perhaps you just do it in one area – at work, say, or when it comes to your appearance. But if you do it in one area, it’s likely that you do it in others and the energy and the message that you put out to the world is “I’m not good enough.” And that’s not true – you are.

So pay attention the next time you compare yourself to someone else. Start telling yourself you are good enough. There’s nothing else you need to be or do to be perfect. You are enough just as you are, you do not need to compare yourself to anyone else.

Source by Linda Binns