Are You ”The Other Woman” In Their Life

Being ''the other woman'' you will not know the happiness that family life has to offer

Many women have this status, being ”the other woman” in a man’s life. They do not like it but do not complain, for fear they might end up alone, without the loved one.

These women keep thinking that maybe one day, they will become wives after he gets a divorce.

It may happen, but not often. Such a woman is always alone, on Easter, Christmas, holidays. She can get a message written in a rush, because of he, the man she loves, is with his ”official” family. She needs to think about a few issues like:
















1. Her self-esteem

Usually, such women, that accept to have a second role in a man’s life, have problems with their self-esteem. If you are in such a position, think twice if this is what you want. You are stuck in a relationship that will not evolve.

You love him, but does he really feel the same way? If he loves you he will do anything possible to clarify the situation and leave his wife to be with you. If he does not get a divorce in a short period of time, he will never do it.

Being ”the other woman” you will not know the happiness that family life has to offer. You will have your lover with you from time to time, always in a hurry, because he needs to be home.

With such a man you cannot have children, you can’t introduce him to your family and friends.

Think about the fact that you can accidentally meet him with his wife and this will hurt you.

2. Her life

You have a nice life now because you are young and at this point in life you don’t have to consider marriage. In the time it’s possible to find a single man who will love you and marry you. You never know what life has to offer, but in time any woman wants a family not only a relationship with a married man.

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Source by Marius Gherghinescu