Are you Unable to Restore MDF Database?


Discrepancy of SQL Server Database: Is your Master Database File (MDF) not accessible due to some discrepancy of SQL server database? This kind of problem start occurring when you are not able to access SQL server application due to application corruption of damage. Due to these abnormal behaviors of SQL Server, your important data stored in MDF file also gets corrupted. To restore MDF database file, you would need an SQL Server recovery tool. There can be two possible reasons when you are unable to restore MDF database; they are listed below.

• SQL Server Database Corruption
• SQL Server Application Crash

Causes of Corruption: There can be multiple reasons for SQL Server and its Master Database File corruption, which are mentioned below:

• Sudden System Memory error
• Due to bad sectors in Storage Media
• Network failure while your while Database is open
• Hard Reboot or PC switch off when a database is open

Error Message: In the above conditions if you start SQL Server 2005, your system start throwing error message stating:

“Could not start the SQL Server (SQL2005) service on Local Computer Error 14001: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.”

How to Restore MDF Database File and SQL Server Application? After this message, system does not allow you to access SQL Server and you are not able to access any data from your MDF database file. Due to application crash or MDF file corruption, your SQL Server configuration also gets corrupted. To sort out this problem, you can reinstall Microsoft SQL Server application on your system. In case your master database file also got corrupted, then, in order to restore MDF database file to gain access on your valuable information, you would need MDF database restore software.

Master Database Recovery: Most MDF database restore software utilities are developed to scan the entire database and restore MDF database file. You can use SysTools SQL Recovery software. With the help of this tool, restoring MDF database file becomes very easy and quick. This tool can restore MDF database file in all possible corruption circumstances. MDF database restore software works well with all versions of Microsoft SQL Servers. It recovers all database objects e.g. tables, reports, formats, triggers, stored procedures, and constraints.

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