Arthritis Natural Treatment – Better Than Modern Medicine?

Both artificial and natural treatments can only address the symptoms of arthritis


Is it really possible to use arthritis natural treatment to address the problems caused by arthritis? Recent research seems to show a strong possibility.

Some of the obvious symptoms that all forms of arthritis present are severe joint pain and swelling of the joints. This is due to inflammation of the tissue in and around the joints. The inflammation of the tissue then causes over-production of joint fluid, resulting in swelling of the joint area. The cause of this inflammation is where the differences between the various forms of arthritis lie.

Modern Treatments

Modern medicine, unfortunately, has not found a cure for arthritis yet. Doctors do not even know exactly what causes arthritis. Modern treatments for arthritis can be divided into two categories – drugs and therapy.

Therapy encompasses traditional physical therapy and also occupational therapy. Physical therapy is a reliable old treatment for arthritis. It simply involves doing various exercises targeted at reducing the stiffness in the muscles and joints. This makes movement and physical activity somewhat easier and less painful. This is important because many patients suffering from arthritis experience so much pain simply moving that they are rendered immobile.

Occupational therapy involves physical therapy coupled with training to perform useful tasks. This is also very important for arthritis patients, as they usually find themselves unemployed because of their inability to perform physical tasks. Some people are even bedridden by the disease. Occupational therapy is, therefore, a very important part of helping a patient learn to live with arthritis.

Modern drugs used to treat arthritis are generally only able to address the symptoms of arthritis. Drugs attempt to reduce the inflammation and swelling but do not address the root cause of arthritis.


Natural Treatments for Arthritis

Turmeric and ginger extract has long been used in traditional medicine as a remedy for arthritis. They help to reduce the inflammation of joint tissues and the consequential swelling. Recent studies have found that this form of treatment is actually more effective than modern medicines. Turmeric and ginger extracts reduce arthritic swelling faster than modern drugs for arthritis do.

Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, is another natural treatment for arthritis. It contains the integrity of the tissues surrounding the joint. Arthritis generally causes damage in the form of cell destruction in the joints and muscles. Vitamin B3 helps to counter this. Foods such as fish, poultry and red meats are rich in Vitamin B3. This makes it easy and natural to add Vitamin B3 to your daily food intake.

The element Manganese has also been proven to be effective in the treatment of arthritis. It acts as a facilitator for the action of enzymes. It also retards the aging process. Since the effect of arthritis on the joints is similar to that of aging, Manganese is effective at countering this.


The Better Treatment?

At the end of the day, it is hard to say which treatment is better. Both artificial and natural treatments can only address the symptoms of arthritis. A clear winner can only be identified if one form of treatment is able to properly cure arthritis. At the present moment, sometimes it is best to make use of a combination of both types of treatment. This is likely to get the best results.

Source by Alan King Jr