Attract Success, and Fulfil Your Potential With Mona Arora’s Workshops


For all that you know about people changing the world and making it better, there is someone who is a silent hero; or a heroine in this case. So it comes as a pleasant surprise when you encounter someone as vivacious and positive as Mona Arora, who’s Law of Attraction workshops have been creating a shift in the lives of people she has reached out to. And mind you, these changes are those that have changed lives forever. Explaining in-depth about what creates that change, Mona says, “Once you become aware of something, you can never go back to thinking the same way again. All I do is hold up the mirror and let the person do all the thinking.”

As our conversation proceeds further, it is peppered with some bits about how she decided to impart this intense yet simple knowledge to people from different parts of the world. “I was a dark-skinned girl born in Jalandhar, Punjab and everyone including my mother and sisters were fair in comparison. Since light skin was the epitome of beauty then, it created a complex in me that I wasn’t beautiful until I went to Canada and realised that people go to tanning salons to get a complexion like mine”, she quips.

Leaving a life full of luxury and a steadily growing real estate business in Canada, Mona flew to different parts of the world to meet people who were instrumental in creating ‘The Secret’ – a book turned film which speaks about the Law of Attraction that exists in the Universe. Between all the people she encountered, she discovered that there are many other laws that support the Law of Attraction and although people know about it they do not know how it works. “Just because we know that there is a law of gravity, we wouldn’t jump off a bridge but we don’t know how it works and binds the other laws together,” she says.

When she returned to India in 2009, she felt the urge to do something so that this knowledge reaches people and started her own workshops in collaboration with The New Age Foundation’s Sandeep Goswamy; a meeting which she describes as something that the universe arranged. “Working with Mona has been a brilliant experience and seeing the lives of people transform right before my eyes is a very joyful experience. It is the Law of Attraction that brought her to me”, gushes Sandeep.

“The reason that there is a money back guarantee in my workshop is that each person’s life experiences are different from the other and so it doesn’t make any sense in giving two people the same information”, quotes Mona. “As humans, we already know what works for us and what doesn’t. All we need to do is decided to figure out how we go about a situation and use an individual’s strengths to their advantage and enhance it.” Mona strongly believes that people use things like “karma”, “previous births” and the likes as a shield to cover their limitations instead of overcoming them. Although Mona’s beliefs in the Law are strong, she is grounded to reality at the same time. “No workshop on the law is going to work like fairy dust. It is absolutely necessary that the person works on it. My job is just to give them the tools and techniques.”

Although we wrap up the interview with a completely new awareness of our being, Mona signs off by saying, “The difference between what I do and the others is that we don’t work on others. We work on our own vibrations and frequency. Life is a continuous learning process and we have our deeply rooted beliefs but once the mind is open, its open. When I think out of the box, the box just keeps getting bigger but hey, I still have a box!”  What more could you want from someone who has the answers and lessons of life in place?

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