Attracting Abundance With Coaching and Positive Psychology


Increasingly, there’s a whole range of interesting scientific studies in the area of ​​positive psychology showing how and why coaching works. How does excellent coaching produce such a comprehensive and sustainable results? In my life and executive coaching practice, I find that using practical approaches from positive psychology works wonders.

Particularly with the current economic climate, but always really, it’s so important to create a positive mental and emotional framework in order to attract and sustain abundance in your life and work. Let’s look at some ways in which we can do this.

* Attracting Abundance: Focusing On What We Want To Attract.

We tend naturally to focus on the negative, still retaining a pre-civilization fear of predators waiting to pounce on us, fearing financial loss and pain. However, by focusing on the positive, paying attention to what makes us happy and doing more of it, clinical studies show improved well-being and decreased depression as well as significantly improved performance for both individuals and teams. So why not focus on all the abundance already in your life, all the elements you’re grateful for, and clearly visualize the abundance you want to create on all levels? A case in point … one exercise I always ask my clients to do is to reflect, at the end of every day, on 3 things you enjoyed that day that you’re grateful for. I always knew it worked and helped clients appreciate the joy in their lives. But I did not know why. One study focused on just this practice, and shows that after 6 months of doing this daily, people are about 60% happier! The 10 Daily Delicious Habits exercise I ask my clients to follow also fits in this category.

* Focusing On Strengths.

Again, this is a practice I invite my clients to follow. Identifying your strengths, assessing them, and consciously drawing on them to meet challenges and create abundance and prosperity can be a break-through strategy. For example, is one of your strengths creativity or another connecting with people? How can you fully take advantage of these strengths to make your visions and ideas come to life?

* Draw On Positive Emotion

Positive emotion is a resource to consciously draw on to increase your success, rather than just a feeling. Cultivate and develop and enhance your positive feelings, and each time you catch yourself thinking or feeling something which saddens you, consciously replace this with a reframing or happy thought or feeling.

* Build Hope And Optimum Performance

Hope helps us cope with adversity, and access optimal performance and motivation. What can you do to increase your hope and positive expectation? The clearer you can be about what you’re trying to achieve personally or professionally, the more elaborate and effective you can be in enhancing your positive thinking framework. Ask yourself where and how you’ve succeeded in the past to achieve elements of your plan? Where have you excelled before and what strengths and resources do you have to create abundance and prosperity in your life, abundance that goes much deeper than prosperity alone, abundance that makes your life generally a fulfilling and joyful experience.

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