Bajrang Dal Activists in UP Shave Man’s Head For ‘Converting’ People to Christianity


Members of the  Hindu Yuvavahini Bajrang Dal in Orai village of Uttar Pradesh have shaved the head of a man for allegedly converting three men to Christianity.

This post has been doing the rounds on Facebook:

In Uttar Pradesh a Christian pastor is being given a donkey ride after shaving his head in half. This inhuman act was done by the activists of a youth organization, Hindu Yuvavahini Bajrag Dal founded by Yogi Adityanathji.

We called up the police station in Jalaun district and the same was confirmed to us by the constable who answered the phone. “Haadsa Orai gaon mein hua hain. (The incident has taken place in Orai village),” he said.

We were unable to get in touch with the police station in Orai village. The story as we have gathered from initial reports is very bizarre.

Three grown men were forcibly taken by one man (as seen in the image) to a church in Kachwaha village. They were forced to convert to Christianity and also force-fed beef. One of the three men who was forcibly converted ‘escaped’ and ran to the Bajrang Dal activists and told them the story.

The Dal then entered his home (around 200 members in all), dragged him out, shaved off half his moustache and hair and paraded him about on a donkey. This incident happened on Friday, January 30.

According to the police at the Jalaun district HQ, an FIR has been registered at Orai police station. No arrests have been made as of now.