Bandra’s Brilliant Christmas Cribs

These bright, beautiful cribs in Bandra bring colour to this festive season


Making and decorating cribs during Christmas is a tradition that several cultures around the world follow. A Christmas crib essentially is an exhibition of different objects that represent the birth of Jesus Christ. Every church has its own crib, but people make them outside their houses or building complexes as well. The preparation for this starts days before Christmas.

This year Bandra had some really interesting Christmas cribs on display, some of which even have a social message. Bayside Journal has some of the most interesting cribs of the lot.


This is a crib at a slum area in 15th Khar Road called Murgan Chawl. This is a place in a posh society that is inhabited by non-Christian Tamilians. The people living in this chawl may not be Christians, but they believe in Jesus Christ. Since the last 25 years, they have been making a crib every year during Christmas.


Parishioners of St Peter’s Church, located near St Stanislaus High School, have made this crib. This one stands out as it has a social message to it: to help the needy and work for the betterment of our society. This crib shows angels helping the people whose houses have gotten burnt down, as well as the poor people on the roads.


This is another crib that carries a social message, seen at Sacred Heart Church. It shows how everyone is equal and how every person has the right to make his or her own choices.


The crib at St Joseph Church is built on the terrace of the church. The crib is so huge, anyone passing by cannot miss it.


Every year, Damian Furniture Store decorates their store for Christmas. They also display different cribs every year. They are said to have one of the finest Christmas displays in the city.

Images by Nawab Hussain Sayed

If you have pictures of beautiful cribs, send them across at [email protected]. We might just put yours up on our website!