Baseball and Softball Practice Stations


Baseball and Softball season is coming up and you are looking for a way to make your team the best in the league.  You are searching for the best ways to practice, and the best ways to teach your players how to hit, throw, pitch, and catch.  You might of found that the best way to get the most out of practice is to set up stations.  Stations are set up to train different skills and keep your players moving and learning.  There can be a station for batting, pitching/catching, fielding, and sliding.

In these stations you can do the same old boring drills or you can step it up with some training items that will really get your players learning the fundamentals of baseball that will give you a winning team.

Batting Station

Lets see what you could use for your batting station.  What is most important in batting training is muscle memory and hand eye coordination.  There are many items that you could use in this station for example;

The Solo Hitter, this item firms up your players muscle memory and hand eye coordination and also saves time because you don’t have to run for the ball.  The Solo Hitter is also great because it can be used indoors.  So when you need to practice in the gym this item can still be used.  Practicing the right way can really improve your players game.  The solo hitter can be adjusted to put the ball in the right strike zone so your player can gain that muscle memory which is imperative to getting consistent hits.  Why leave it up to chance when you can use an item that is proven to teach the player the correct way of hitting.  The more hits the, more runs, the more games you can win!

Here are some additional batting training items which can help improve your players muscle memory and hand eye coordination.


Hurricane Solo Trainer

SKLZ® Hit-A-Way Baseball System Jeter Series

Dirx Warm up Bat

Hitmaster Grobat

Striker II

Louisville Youth Hands Back Hitter

SKLZ® Target Swing Trainer

Pro Cut Bat weights

SKLZ® Hit-A-Way Jeter Series Baseball or Softball Trainers

Multi-Position Batting Tees

Batting Cages

Travel Tee

Plastic Baseball and Softballs, including the curve ball and whistler

Plastic Golf Balls

Pitching Machines

Hot Glove Ball Caddy

Pitching Station

Your Pitching Station can really be improved with training items.  If your pitcher can consistently throw strikes this will give your team a huge advantage.  The best way train is to strengthen the arm so that it doesn’t tire out too early.

To strengthen the arm you use the Rocket Arm Isotonic Training Device, this device increases throwing velocity while reducing injury to the arm and shoulder.  This item is great because it comes with its own training program and it is praised by trainers, coaches and the players themselves.

Also the accuracy of the pitch is very important and giving the player a visual marker can greatly help in this area.  The Strike Zone Home Plate is that visual marker.  With the different color stripes on the plate the pitcher can see the middle of the plate and the strike zone which he needs to aim for.

You can also use these items:


Weighted Baseball or Softball Sets

The Ultimate Pitchers and Catchers Plate- will also benefit the catcher.

Canvas Catchers

Hot Glove Ball Caddy

Pitching Screens

Pop-Up nets


Fielding Station

Your fielding station can be improved with devices that train the fundamentals of fielding.

The Original Practice Glove is indeed one of those items that can properly teach the fundamentals of fielding.  It promotes two handed play by forcing the player to be centered on the ball and provides quick transition from catching to throwing.  The Original Practice Glove won’t bend or repel the ball as it doesn’t have a pocket.

Coaches can also use gear to help train the players.  The Accubat, can save you time and give you a more effective practice by sending the ball the way you want it to go.  It gives you the ability to completely control the ball so you can send out pop up and line drives with ease.

Also these item can be a great help with fielding training:

Softhands Infield Trainer

SKLZ® Jeter Soft Hands Trainer.

Jugs pitching machines

Machine balls

Sliding Station

Having a sliding station is very important as sliding is where most of the injuries come from in baseball.  It is very important to teach correct sliding techniques. There is an item that can help train sliding and that is the Slide-Rite™.  The Slide-Rite™ can teach sliding or diving skills for baseball and softball.  It basically consists of canvas sliding sheet on top of a open-cell foam cushion inside a mat.

When it comes time to practice make sure that you have stations and that you have outfitted them with some of the training devices above, you will be glad you did when you win your first game!  To see further details on all the above mentioned training devices go to

Source by Justin