Bathroom Habits of Mumbai Men

After the success of Bathroom Habits of Mumbai Women, we spoke to 100 men in Mumbai to get the other side of the story

Every man has a sacred spot at home. It’s a place that no one’s allowed to enter when he’s there. More likely, no one wants to enter the sacred place when he’s there. You don’t come in between a man and his porcelain God.

Yes, we are talking about the loo. Mumbai men spend an average of 22.5 minutes every day sitting on the pot. And since so many men are spending so much time on it we decided to talk to me across Mumbai to find out what they do in the loo and the shower.

Men send business e-mails, negotiate finance deals, chat, and surprise surprise play Candy Crush as they go about their daily duties.

College going students spend 27 minutes on the pot while men between the ages of 25-40 spend 15 minutes for the same. Men over 40 spend 20 minutes chilling on the pot.

Here’s a stat that won’t surprise anyone: 84 percent of men think about women in the loo and 90 percent of them take their phone with them.

This stat probably will surprise everyone: 26 percent of men click selfies in the loo. Talk about the rise of narcissism! Nine percent of men play Candy Crush.

Surprisingly, the loo habits of men are pretty tame compared to their showering habits.

Forty one percent of men don’t shower on weekends unless they are going out. Twenty four percent of college kids go to college without having a shower in the morning. What’s worse, the ones that do take a shower are done in three minutes. Six percent of men skip the soap totally while taking a shower.

You know what, we can’t type anymore. Just read the infographic.