Bayside Weekly

Here’s presenting a modest list of cool things that were written over the last week. Some we wrote, some we wish we had written. All of them make for a weekend reading list to keep you updated with what’s happening and what is being thought around the world.

Stuff we wrote

What Do the World’s Countries Do When They Are in a Bar Fight

What would Pakistan do in a bar fight? It would probably yell something about Kashmir and blame it on India. Imagine the world’s countries embroiled in a bar fight. Or maybe just look at these graphics we’ve created.

The Many Ways in Which We, the Media, F*cked up in 2016

A little introspection goes a long way. From Arnab Goswami shaming Om Puri for his comments, to the US media disregarding Trump’s popularity – we take a look at all those times when we, the media, were seriously problematic in our reportage.

The Common Man’s Game of Fame

From Pakistan’s Arshad Khan (the blue-eyed chaiwala) to Sonam Gupta – these ordinary people shot to fame for the oddest of reasons.

It’s Time We Question ‘Bhai’-Sexuality

Why is Salman Khan so appealing to so many people around the country? He plays characters that are sexist, corrupt, and disrespectful of those around them. What’s most disturbing is that he essentially seems to be playing himself on screen. We scrutinise this phenomenon called ‘Bhai-sexuality’ that seems to have affected several young Indian men.

People Tell Us What They Would Change about 2016

What would you change about 2016? Lots of things, we’d presume. We talked to a few young people around the city to know what they’d like to change about the year that has now gone by.

Stuff we wish we had written

In lovesickness and in health

What do you do when your partner, whom you’re planning to leave, becomes seriously ill? Would you feel an obligation to stay on for that person because you were once so intimate with them? This sublime article from The Hindu explores the idea of love in the time of sickness through movies themed on the same.

#Goodbye2016: The Year Media Belatedly ‘Found’ Caste

The year 2016 saw several caste-related issues swirling up, stirring people’s conscience, forcing them to sit up and take notice. From Rohith Vemula’s suicide to the atrocities in Una to the unprecedented commercial success of the movie Sairat, which explicitly talked about caste, 2016 left no place for silences and biases in reportage. This Newslaundry article talks about how traditional media had to break its silence on caste this year.

Men Think Eating More in Public Makes Them Macho But Women Greedy

Sexism and food? Who’d have thought they were related. But then again, of course they are, as this article eloquently suggests. Women are supposed to be thin and appear to eat very little, and even less in public. Men, on the other hand, are supposed to have the license to binge on.

Up in the Air: Meet the Man Who Flies Around the World for Free

Travel hacking is a thing now. Read this story from Rolling Stone of a twenty-five year old man who has mastered this art, and flies, luxuriously, for free.