Bayside Weekly

Good things from around the world and a few from us, all served in a neat platter

Here’s presenting a modest list of cool things that were written over the last week. Some we wrote, some we wish we had written. All of them make for a weekend reading list to keep you updated with what’s happening and what is being thought around the world.

Stuff we wrote

Does Having a Partner from the Same Field Help?

What is love like for couples working in the same professional field? How is it different from the others? Bayside Journal spoke to Mumbai couples who work in the same field, and this is what they had to say.

Mumbai’s Secret World of BDSM

The practice of BDSM is alive and thriving in Maximum City. Bayside Journal spoke to people from Mumbai who follow the BDSM lifestyle. They speak about contracts, partner swapping, workshops and more.

Meet Nipun Dharmadhikari of the Casting Couch Fame

After the success of the first season, Nipun and Ameya are back with Casting Couch Season 2 — this time with something new. Bayside Journal spoke to Nipun Dharmadhikari about the efforts taken to convince celebrities to go ahead and get offended, what good sports celebrities can also be, and a whole lot more.

Bayside at Mumbai’s Queer Azaadi Pride March

The annual Mumbai Queer Azaadi Pride March was held on January 28, and the crowd that walked in it managed to halt traffic and celebrate being LGBTQ, all whilst being peaceful yet assertive. Here’s what went down at the March.

Rent a Friend

Rent-A-Friend is a lot like Tinder, only it has nothing to do with hooking up with strangers. On this website, everything is strictly for friendship. One of the men who earns a living through the website dishes out some exclusive details for Bayside Journal.

Stuff we wish we had written

Racism as a Bollywood Fan

Fabienne Menoud, a nurse in Haiti, is a huge Bollywood fan and has met several actors and actresses. But the discrimination she has faced due to the colour of her skin and ethnicity has made it very difficult for her to be a Bollywood fan. She writes a heart-felt, open letter on the challenges of being a black Bollywood fan.

The Pretty Girl in SRK’s Pune Selfie

Shahrukh Khan took a selfie with his fans in Pune and people couldn’t stop talking about a pretty girl in a green t-shirt in the frame. Finally, her friend got in touch with Buzzfeed and revealed the mysterious girl’s identity.

Modi’s Middle Finger to the Apology Budget

Johan Dsouza writes about how the “plain vanilla budget, which was actually a non-event and definitely a non-apology.” He says the budget was Modi’s “fuck you” to all the experts who expected him to make amends from the troubles of demonetisation.

Meet Kanishka Gupta, a top deal maker in the Indian publishing world

Delhi-born Kanishka is currently the biggest individual deal-maker in the world for English books. He is also the youngest agent in the subcontinent with over 500 titles under his agency — Writer’s Side (WS). He has no previous background in publishing and his agency has only been around for six years.