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Good things from around the world and a few from us, all served in a neat platter


Here’s presenting a modest list of cool things that were written over the last week. Some we wrote, some we wish we had written. All of them make for a weekend reading list to keep you updated with what’s happening and what is being thought around the world.

Stuff we wrote

I’m a First Class (Compartment) Bitch

The first class ladies’ compartment is the space of the upper middle-class woman who has a white-collar job. It is the territory of the educated, tax-paying woman who works because she has to, or because she has chosen to. She can afford the three-digit or four-digit price that the first class pass costs. You, who probably have a second class ticket or are travelling ticketless, cannot. And she will make sure to remind you of this. Read the full story here

Oye Sardarji! Thanks Yaar

Sikhs have stood up whenever people anywhere in the world have been in trouble. From Syria to India to the US. For this, they definitely need to be lauded. No matter what the crisis or calamity, we have always seen Sikhs get together and help people out. Read the full story here.

A Running Review Of Running Shaadi

Bayside’s Priyadarshini Patwa is live-tweeted the review of the film–Running Shaadi as she watched it. It’s something we tried out for the first time and we hope you liked it. Read the full review here.

Bayside Conversations: Prateek Kuhad, Singer, Composer, Songwriter

Prateek Kuhad has been hailed by many as the poster boy of the Indian indie music scene. He tells us about his creative process, his style, and why he writes about love. Read the full story here

Arshad Warsi: “Is Jolly LLB My Girlfriend?”

As the actor gears up for his next movie IradaBayside Journal caught up with Arshad Warsi to know about his rapport with Naseeruddin Shah, who is his co-star in Irada, details about his next film, and the decision to cast Akshay Kumar in Jolly LLB 2. Read the full story here.

Stuff we wish we had written

Why Liberals Are Wrong About Trump

Are we overreacting to President Donald Trump’s numerous gaffes and executive orders? Should we give him the benefit of doubt? Glenn Rockowitzauthor, formerly SNL, tells us why liberals are wrong about Trump.

The Age of Rudeness

In a world where most social contact is through online mediums are we losing, have we forgotten what it means to be polite? NY Times Magazine’s Rachel Cusk talks about rudeness in society is often “welcomed in the manner of a false god” and how “society very efficiently to punish, silence or disown truth-tellers,” with a few interesting anecdotes.

The Scrutiny And Scorn Young Women Face Just Being In Public

All women have been subjected to being stared, scrutinised and judged in public for no reason other than their sex. Women who choose to wear Western clothing or clothes that do not cover them appropriately are subjected to scornful glances, body shaming and catcalls. Bangalore-based student Priyanka Shah’s photo series “Perspectives” speaks volumes about the misogyny and patriarchy that runs deep in society.