Bayside Weekly

Good things from around the world and a few from us, all served in a neat platter


Here’s presenting a modest list of cool things that were written over the last week. Some we wrote, some we wish we had written. All of them make for a weekend reading list to keep you updated with what’s happening and what is being thought around the world.

Stuff we wrote

The CBFC Does Not Have an Issue with Your Fantasies – Unless You’re a Woman

Women don’t have sexual fantasies; what are you even talking about! That is exclusively the domain of Indian men. Don’t believe us? Please, take a look.

Texts i wanna send my ex: This Spreadsheet Collects Texts You Want to Send Your Ex

All of us have done it. Or have thought about it. Or have come really close to doing it but then came to our senses. Yup, I am talking about texting exes when you are in a really contemplative mood or are really drunk. Sean Peter used to be one of those people till he started a Google spreadsheet called ‘texts i wanna send my ex’.

Meet the Photographer Who Put A Mermaid on 10,000 Bottles

There’s only word to describe Ben Von Wong’s work — jaw dropping. This conceptual photographer  creates hyper-realistic, ‘epic’ images, that look almost Photoshopped. A mermaid on 10,000 plastic bottles, Game of Thrones’ Arya and Sansa Stark All Grown Up, and a shepherdess surrounded by live sharks are just some of his eye-popping projects.

WhatsApp Has Copied Snapchat and People Are Pissed

Whatsapp users are mighty upset about the new pictorial statuses and are voicing their displeasure on, where else— Whatsapp’s new status feature. They are calling it “pathetic”, “plagiarism” and are accusing Facebook of copying Snapchat and Instagram.

Stuff we wish we’d written

Life lessons from growing up in an Indian joint family, stealing grandpa’s ciggies and mangoes

In the days of nuclear families and individual ambitions, joint families may sound like an outdated concept, something that hinders personal growth. But as Harsh C Menon writes, it can also foster an exhilarating spirit of camaraderie and oneness.

Cressida Dick is the first female Met police commissioner

Dick, who was once Met’s former head of counter-terrorism and a  senior Scotland Yard officer is the first ­female head of the Metropolitan police in British history. She had earlier quit policing to work in the Foreign Office. Although she regarded as being one of the best of her generation in policing, she oversaw a disastrous operation which killed an innocent man who was accused of being a terrorist.

Overweight Men Need Your Empathy, Not Your Joke

A lot has been said about body shaming overweight women, little has been said about overweight men. After Shobhaa De’s silly joke on Twitter, the debate on fat shaming was stirred up once again. Kunal Kamra, a standup comedian, talks about battling food addiction, his struggle with his weight, and how no one takes his battle with obesity seriously simply because he’s a male.

The Dark History of Intelligence as Domination

How intelligence— identified as the European, educated, male human— has been used as a right to dominate women, the lower classes, uncivilised peoples and non-human animals. Intelligence has been used to justify some of the most terrible acts of barbarism in history, writes Stephen Cave. It’s no wonder we fear super smart robots rising up against us in the near future.