Are You Losing Confidence Because of Your Figure?

Be Confident and proud what you are


You see women with a slender figure and men with the fit and toned muscles on the street. You start to wonder if your figure can be like them. Whenever you see your fat belly, you get frustrated and depressed. You feel inferior because of your figure. You feel dejected when you did not succeed to lose your belly fat. You feel even worse when your friends or partner give you nick names like “Pot Belly”, “Fatso” or “Spare Tire.” You told yourself you do not wish to hear all these anymore. Fat with the most simple methods like crunches, sit-ups, and leg-lifts but you still did not make it to a flat tummy.

You were suckered into commercial advertisements telling you how great that would abdominal belt or gadgets be. Fine, you decided to spend a few hundred or thousand to try your luck. However, you still see your belly fat there.

You decided to go on starvation. You were happy when you lose some weight but were sad after a while because you put on weight and gain fat when you start to eat regularly.

What went wrong with the methods that you are doing? First of all, do you know the truth to six pack abs or a flat tummy?

The truth is very simple. The most important thing to get a flat tummy is to get rid of the only obstacle that is blocking your sexy pack abs from appearing. All these should be done with the right workouts and nutrition. Although your main concern is to get rid of your belly fat that does not mean you should just target on that area. Do a full body workout that can increase fat burning hormones and your metabolism rate.

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Source by Anastacia Huang