Become a Pickup Artist Like Mystery

If you look lame & anxious, there is no way you'll pick up a girl


A key way you can become more attractive to girls is to have a powerful emotional state. Girls look to us for their emotional status. A woman is looking for a man what’s in the emotional state they would like to be in. This is why, if you look lame & anxious, there is no way you’ll pick up a girl. Women are animals who look to guys to find the mood they’re in.

If you’re in a better energy level than a girl and you display more confidence than her, they will want to come into your world. This is the key reason guys have to control our state when with a woman. If you stay in a bad state and she’s around you, she will be uncomfortable. When you’re in a bad state, you will leave the girl in a poor state and she will want to escape.

If you want to become a pick artist you must work on every aspect of yourself. Still, you need to start improving in every part of life. You need to create a persona that girls find interesting. Self-improvement should be a lifelong mission. Become enthused about getting up every last morning and making more of yourself. You should maximize your appearance, your wealth level, your health and all areas of yourself that can be improved. If you’re not really confident, do not bother trying put methods to get females. You can learn all the pickup tricks you want. You can mimic Neil Strauss and Mystery all day, though you still will not get girls because they’ll know that you’re not really confident deep down inside.

Source by Chris Jeffries