Benefits of 17" Tires

Because aftermarket items like rims and tires have become so popular over the last several years, 17″ tires have become a popular car enhancement. So many people buy the car they want, already knowing the changes they’ll make to get it to match how they want it to look. Many new car owners aren’t content to have a car that looks like everyone else’s, so aftermarket 17″ tires, rims and other embellishments are a booming business.

While people will buy a car in the color they want, usually with the style and color interior they want, often the tires leave a little to be desired. Even if the tires look good, the rims are often fairly plain. Buying new rims is a great way to add some pizzazz and really make a care look unique. But by changing out the manufacturer’s tires with 17″ tires, you get a distinct look you couldn’t really get any other way.

Larger, 17″ tires automatically make a car look more powerful. The larger wheels make it sit higher off the ground and make it seem much bigger, even if you haven’t gone much larger with the tires. It also gives a car a more sporty look to had larger 17″ tires.

The change can be pretty drastic, so if you’re uncertain you might want to look at someone else’s car with 17 inch tires added after purchase. Many cars manufactured today come with 15″ tires. These are pretty standard on most compact cars. A change from 15 to 17 inches is dramatic. Even compact cars that come with 16″ tires will look immediately different with larger tires.

So if you like the look of bigger tires, why not buy a car that comes with them standard? The popular look today is that of compact cars fitted out with 17″ tires. These modified cars have been featured in popular films, which makes fans of those films want to go after that particular look. So buying compact cars and then tricking them out with larger tires will probably be in vogue for a long time to come.

There are more reasons to switch to 17″ tires than just looks, though. That might be important to you, because the cost involved in buying four new 17″ tires might make you consider staying with the originals. The bigger the tire, the more it costs, and you don’t necessarily want to buy the very cheapest ones you can find. You still want to consider road-worthiness, safety, how you drive and how far you drive when choosing these tires. You’ll probably have to invest in new rims, as well as tires, because the larger ones might not fit. You can choose plain, inexpensive ones or go for some of the finer aftermarket wheels.

Consider your investment a good one, though, because 17″ tires will last you much longer than 15″ tires. Smaller tires must rotate more often than larger ones over the same distance, which causes them to wear faster and need to be replaced more often.

Source by JJ Green