Benefits of Living in a Log Home

Do you have a dream of living in a wooden house which is made of just wood?The entire structure along with walls and windows everything that is made of wood is really lovely to think about. It is really enthusiastic to smell and stay in such a cozy atmosphere. It would be romantic to imagine the stay in a log cabin in snowy winter. Is there anything better than just hugging yourself in a rug and sitting in front of the fireplace located at the center of the log home providing your enough heat and warmth. This image seems to be good enough for owning a wooden house but the maintenance which is high would definitely pull the individuals one step back from constructing it for the beautiful stay in it. But one could not ignore the aesthetic look of the log home and could not stay without admiring the overall ambiance of the construction. The summer would be lovely to stay in a log cabin with due comfort rendered in it for the individuals. With the natural materials used for building it one could easily understand why it does not go out of fashion.

The Benefits and Tips of Building and Owning a Log Home

People feel relaxed immediately they start home after completing their long and tiring trips far away from home. Especially if one is sensitive to climatic changes, home is the best place to have enough warmth. This is why log cabins with efficient thermal regulating system prove to be simply apt for such people. The thermal regulating system provided in the log cabin would be superior to that made available in conventional homes. Apart from this facility, several other benefits would enable the individuals to own a log cabin ignoring the negative points related to it.

Benefits of log homes:

  • Extreme insulation. The insulation provided by log homes is higher in value than what is obtained in conventional homes built with regular sticks. For this reason, people consider log home as thermal batteries that are naturally available to them. They are capable of storing heat whole day long and then releasing it during nights.
  • Cost effective. A log cabin house can be built with less cost than the conventional home but the maintenance will definitely shoot up to what is spent on a conventional home. Apart from maintenance cost, the initial construction cost would vary depending on several attributes like size, complexity, design and building site.
  • Sound insulation. The walls made of wood would help reduce sound transmission by deflecting the sound attributes like the shape, mass, texture and the angle. In addition to the natural capability of the wooden logs, when superior construction is managed it would definitely prevent noise leaks that would otherwise occur with the aging of the log cabins. Also, the care is taken during the construction, like insulation and sealing done at the final stage of construction would help prevent gaps thus ensuring sound insulation.

  • Greener. Staying in log home would more or less depict the lifestyle one is passionate about. Even when the individual prefers to follow green ideas than having a log home would be the best choice. While the present conventional homes help match the lifestyle they do not really serve as a better place for people to relax. However, log cabins built of environmentally friendly materials will provide easy relaxation for individuals.
  • Energy efficient. The efficiency of the log home would be related to the air leaks, moisture content within the logs and the R value. So for improving the efficiency of the logs, there are three simple steps followed by the manufacturers of which seasoning is the foremost step. This step will ensure that the logs are dried after which waterproofing and treating with insecticide are followed to further improve the log home efficiency.
  • Beautiful appearance. The endless effort made by manufacturers in offering standard designs as well flexible customizable designs to the client’s individuals are able to find designs that are simply astonishing. The amazing appearance along with cozy atmosphere will let the individuals understand the beauty of the log cabins. In addition to customized designs, the customers could also choose the color for painting the interior thus giving a perfect shape for their dream home.
  • Durability. Though there are chances for developing air as well as moisture leaks between the logs used for constructing the log homes, professionals would be able to handle it well and reduce the negative impact of the gaps that are created over time with the logs getting dried up. Hence professionals would choose to dry the logs much before construction. In the similar way to reduce the leakage issues, the professionals would take care of waterproofing and treat the special wood species like cedar with insecticide.
  • Relaxing atmosphere. With the greenery filled in the log home, one would have the same experience of relaxing in the middle of the woods far away from regular tensions. The cozy atmosphere will help the individual to relax every day after working hard throughout the day. He will get refreshed easily in the warmth and comfort provided by the log cabin.


  • Comfort. While preserving the natural beauty the modern designs provided by the Manufacturers will help the individuals have a comfortable place with the quite a big rooms and highly efficient thermal system that would keep warm all the time.
  • Greater fire safety. As the solid logs are used in building a log home, there is more safety in these than in the stick-framed traditional home. If the manufacturer follows strictly seasoning logs for six months then the building would be more fire resistant.

Log cabin constructions are increasing with the increased awareness in people for saving nature. Also, passion to live in more eco-friendly homes has given the manufacturers more work in terms of designing standard log home structures along customizing them according to the needs and tastes of the individuals. Hence if one wants to handle more complex and tricky construction of log home it would be good to identify manufacturer with good knowledge and experience thus making the construction much easy and cheaper.

Source by Quick-Garden