Bengaluru Tops the List of World’s Most Dynamic Cities

Other established cities in India also feature on the list

Credit: Wikiedia/GFDL

In some much needed good news for India, Bangalore (now Bengaluru) has been ranked the world’s most dynamic city by JLL’s 2017 City Momentum Index, with Hyderabad scoring the fifth place on the list. The other cities that made it to the Top 10 are: Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Silicon Valley (USA), Shanghai (China), London (UK), Austin (USA), Hanoi (Vietnam), Boston (USA), and Nairobi (Kenya).

It is a first timer for Bengaluru, and its residents ought to be proud that it has beat cities like London (topper for two years), and Silicon Valley. Other established cities in India such as Pune, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai were pushed behind due to various environmental factors, and yet managed to feature in the Top 30. India has beat China as the home to the world’s most dynamic cities, with Indian cities featuring six times in the list, as compared to China’s cities that featured five times.


The index took 42 factors into account, including:

• Socio-economic factors like GDP, air quality, and foreign direct investment

• Real estate momentum measured by construction, rents, and investment

• Technological expertise measured in terms of access to education, and environment quality.

According to Quartz India, the index considered 134 emerging cities, before narrowing down to the Top 30. A city’s ability to adapt to changes in various sectors is what defines its aptitude to compete in such indexes. Bengaluru, with its mighty tech giants, has proved to be lucky for India. Cheers to more such achievements!