Best Cell Phones for Texting

Texting is one of the fastest ways to communicate

These days, texting is one of the fastest ways to communicate with someone without having to sit down at a computer. From the older flip phones that require dialing as a way of texting to slide and tilt phones complete with touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard, phones have gradually become more designed for texting and use of a keyboard. First came the T9 option, which made texting on flip phones a bit easier. Then came these, the two best cell phones for texting. They are the Blackberry Curve series, which includes the 8300 and 8900, and the Samsung Blackjack II, successor to the original Blackjack. These two combine the essentials of efficient texting to bring the fastest experience.


The Blackberry Curve series was first released in 2007 by Research In Motion. The most recent 8900 release sports the classic 35-key keyboard and a candy bar design. In fact, the Blackberry Curve 8900 redesigned the older 8300 to get to the Internet, making use of the efficient texting design for browser use, email, and organization. It’s no wonder that this series is one of the best for texting; the average fingertip can press more than four buttons at a time, whereas other phones have larger, bulkier buttons. You can pick up the newer Blackberry 8900 for $399, and the older Blackberry 8300 for $199.


Samsung released the middle child of the Blackjack family, the Blackjack II, in 2007. The original Blackjack, also released in 2007, was already great for texting; it had a simple texting structure and a compact keyboard. While the Blackjack II doesn’t really change much of the texting part of it (both can run on Windows Mobile 6 and have similar QWERTY keyboards), the other features of the phone have really improved: faster processor, improved camera, and a slightly bigger screen. In all, the Blackjack II has not only retained the status of a great texting phone that the original Blackjack had, but also brought up so many new features that sent it to the top of the Consumer Reports smartphone charts. You can buy a Samsung Blackjack II for as low as $99, which isn’t surprising considering that the original Blackjack was once at $50 (currently not in stock).


These two phones have two things in common: fast response times and a compact keyboard. These two make texting very easy because everything is where it should be and the phone won’t make things difficult by being sluggish or whatnot. The industry has yet to see better phones, as these series were designed first for texting (both predecessors were designed with a clean keyboard) and then upgraded up to include very useful features like GPS, video and camera, email, and improved browser use.

Source by NiyazK