Best-Ever Yoga Pant Fails

Yoga pants aren't for everyone

Yoga pants are not for everyone. These figure-hugging spandex tights show off every curve of your body and looks flattering only on those who do 5 hours of yoga a day and survive on a vegan and gluten-free diet. Here are some of the best yoga pant fails.

When it’s too much but who is complaining?

Too much Photoshop

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We thought yoga was supposed to be a calming activity

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You call those, pants?


Yoga pants don’t really do it for guys

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Yoga pants aren’t for everyone, guys

Credit: We Know Memes
Credit: We Know Memes

For some reason, yoga pants are insanely poopular


It can drive the strongest of men to their knees

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Some guys think yoga pants are the best


Yoga pants are also known to be deceptive


Yoga is really popular across Europe right now.

“Since the beginning of 2000, yoga started becoming more and more popular. I think now, it’s at the peak of its popularity. Yoga studios are opening on every corner of the street in France and Russia,” says Anna Sologub.

And yoga helps you lose your post-pregnancy weight too!

I practiced Iyengar Yoga when I was pregnant with my fourth baby. I can’t say that yoga helped me during my labour, but it definitely helped me to get to my form quicker, after. When I didn’t have my big belly anymore, I was surprised to discover some abs there!

And if you like a bit of booze with your yoga, you can try beer yoga!

According to its website, BierYoga is the “marriage of two great loves—beer and yoga. Both are centuries-old therapies for mind, body and soul.”

“Yoga also takes a lot of practice to be able to focus on every aspect of each pose and even when you master it, there is still more to learn! There is such an enticing atmosphere that both beer and yoga bring and a collision of the two creates an entertaining challenge that is hard to pass up,” says Brianna Craig.

“I would focus on doing beer yoga once a week. Choose a few beers that you are interested in trying. Focus on what you like and dislike about the beer and what really stood out to you as you go through the poses. Keeping a journal or checking them in on Untappd helps to keep track of all your beer tastings.”

Hey, if that’s not inspiration enough to start yoga, we don’t know what is!