Best Kids Fancy Dress Costumes


With Halloween coming round this year we can easily forget that the rest of the year is also a lucrative time for the kids fancy dress costumes industry.  One of the main reasons for this is the media exposure of certain characters or themes.  Of late it is the Superhero and Harry Potter fancy dress themes which have been in the ascendancy largely thanks to the latest Harry Potter film and the myriad of Superhero films that are released annually.

Add to that the ever popular Disney character fancy dress costumes and you have an all year round popularity of certain themes and designs for kids fancy dress.  Year on year there are new additions but as with most industries there are the perennial sellers.  The ones which regardless of the latest TV and film exposure always fly out of the shops.  Here are some of the most popular kids fancy dress costumes for this year in no particular order.

Harry Potter – In the last five years, Harry Potter fancy dress has grown into a huge industry with boys and girls all clamouring for the latest wizard outfits and accessories and of course the manufacturers haven’t disappointed and responded with a vast choice of relevant merchandise.  The Harry Potter theme is also going to be a big seller over Halloween.

Superhero – With all the Marvel Comic film adaptations over the last few years it is no great surprise to find out that Superhero costumes are once again back in huge demand with the likes of Batman, Superman and Iron Man all in favour with kids everywhere.  Along with X-Men characters, anything based around a popular Superhero is certain to sell well.

Disney – For decades Disney have captured the hearts and minds of children all over the world and not just with film releases as they are now the most popular choice for kids fancy dress costumes with huge demand from both boys and girls for either a classic or contemporary costume to suit their particular occassion.

Source by chris sorrell