Bidet For Patient An Enormous Boon For The Bed-Ridden People


One of the worst things a hospital or bed-ridden person can experience is the inability to use bathroom facilities. Now there is a new bidet for patient care that is an important advance for the patient’s self-esteem and mental health as well as for the assistance it provides to medical personnel in hospitals and nursing homes, and to family members.

How does the bidet for patient work?

The bidet for patient care has five automatic sensors to detect when a patient lying in bed has urinated or defecated. It sucks away feces, urine, and washes and dries the person’s bottom automatically.  It absolutely replaces the need for a diaper.

What other benefits and features does the bidet for patient have?

Imagine how much better a bed-ridden person feels when not having to have a diaper changed. In addition to the emotional benefits of the system, bidet for patient is cost effective and is much cheaper than paper diapers. It cleans gently with warm water close to body temperature with four temperature settings available.

While other methods disturb the patient, this unit works very quietly ensuring uninterrupted patient sleep.

There are several very important safeguards built into the system as well. Sensors can differentiate between urine and feces and provide the correct cleaning mode. Special sensors prevent overflow of nighttime soiling and, should the patient have a large evacuation, product operation is suspended, thus further preventing nighttime leakage.

The unit is equipped with a human voice warning for information on remaining feces, lack of cleaning water, water leakage, night soil tank condition, and filter change time.

Other benefits include:

  • antibiotic materials and anions for consistent sanitation and sterilization
  • capacity to work in automatic or manual modes
  • tracks frequency of patient releases
  • equipped with odor resistant double filter

How does bidet for patient care help the family?

The bidet for patient system gives the patient’s family and caregiver a great deal of relief. Caregivers usually exist on minimal sleep. The bidet for patient care eliminates the need for late night cleaning, thus allowing for much needed uninterrupted sleep. It allows the primary care provider time to leave the house to run errands, and saves the family money on
expensive diapers.

The bidet for patient unit also eliminates the physical strain on the caregiver when having to clean and diaper a patient, which normally takes 20 to 30 minutes. Easy to maintain, it also removes the unpleasant odor associated with diaper changing.

The bidet for patient is one of the most important advances for bed-ridden people, giving caregivers and medical personnel freedom from a difficult task, and providing emotional relief to the patient. It is truly a technological miracle.

Source by Jeffrey Adams