Bike Theft: 6 Tips To Keep Your Motorcycle Safe

Tips to keep your bike safe and secure

The Facts about Bike Theft

* Only about 26% off bikes were stolen are actually recovered with the large majority having major damages.

* 50% of all motorcycle riders do not lock up their bikes

* 80% of all stolen motorcycles are taken directly from the owner’s home.


* 60% of stolen bikes are broken-up for their motorcycle parts.

*The theft rate of motorcycles is twice of theft of cars.

* A professional thief can steal your motorcycle in as little as 15 seconds, that is even without a lock.


Do you own a bike? Are you a little worried after reading those statistics? Here are some safety lock options for you and your trusty motorcycle.

Datatag: This is a code that’s etched into your bike’s panel making it difficult for thieves to unlock your bike. Transponders in the petrol tank and your wheels can be tracked by a police scanner.

Garage Alarm: This is a motion sensitive garage alarm that will give your thief less time to attach. Be sure to test it and avoid blocking the sensor.


Ground Anchor: These are reliable but some thieves have disc cutters or crowbars, make sure you don’t place it right in the middle of your garage.

Brake Lever Lock: This is very portable and a good supplementary device in combination with other security systems. It clamps the front brake lever on completely.

Disc/U-Lock: This is an immovable object that fits a disc and locks snugly to the caliper.


Kill Switch: This fits an alternative well-hidden kill switch.

There are plenty of other security options and things to think about. Lock your side door, your garage door, and lock their entrances. Get into a routine, invest in a guard dog, and get a padlock. Know your local police numbers and keep your eye out for suspicious people. The last thing you want is your beautiful motorcycle taken from you. Lock it up at all costs.

Source by Kasan Groupe