Bmx Videos: Watch Guys Crash Hard and Survive

If you ever watched motocross videos before, you realize that the sport is exciting and dangerous. People take amazing crashes, and live! BMX bicycle racing is just as exciting without the noise and the scream of the engines. By watching BMX videos you will see that there are several different kinds of bikes in BMX racing. BMX racing has the same excitement as motorcycle races that are held on a single lap racetrack. The type of bike used in BMX racing is a BMX class bicycle which is strong, light weight and quick handling. They normally have 20 inch wheels for kids and 24 inch wheels for adults. The BMX racers compete individually but there are often teams that are formed to share the enthusiasm and some are even sponsored by businesses for team events. Believe it or not, BMX racing will become an official Olympic sport in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

By watching BMX videos you can share the same excitement of motocross but also see how the sports are different. Instead of horsepower, these bikes are run on manpower and are able to achieve jumps comparable to many motorcycle tricks. If you are a beginner you should start out on a BMX track that is made for beginners. Just as in motocross, the BMX track is constructed so that you have smaller jumps and can practice your aerials at a lower height. With the thrill of a bungee jump, the BMX rider throws his bicycle high in the air and some professional riders can even do somersaults or crossovers on the handlebars during the flight.

Some of the bike manufacturers of BMX bikes are listed here: Haro;; Brooklyn Machine Works in New York makes frames; Diamondback in the UK have been around for thirty years; Freeagent sells ramps and bikes. There are so many more. With so many categories of bikes within the BMX class including race series, vertical, dirt jump, trail and street trail you can get a very specific bike for your needs.

A lot of bike frames come from China. Who knows what kind of weld control is used on those frames? Ask your bike maker what kind of quality control goes into the frames including the quality of metal and the welds. If you are going to put serious g-forces into your bike while jumping you want a frame that will stay together. Make sure you get a quality frame from whatever source you choose. It might be more than you bargained for to crash and have your bike spear you in an unpleasant place at the end of a jump. Pay for quality if that’s what you need. If you’re just riding around town on a bike that looks cool but not doing any serious tricks, any old frame will do.

Source by Lana Hawkins