Boating In Australia

Best Boat Spots

To name all the best boating spots in Australia would no doubt fill several thick books. For this article, we will just mention a select few.

Sydney Harbour – Renowned for being one of the most spectacular harbours in the world, Sydney Harbour really is a boat owner’s dream playground. There are just so many areas to explore in this natural waterway protected from the elements. Go scuba diving, water skiing, jet skiing, fishing, the party under the sun or watch a fireworks display at night from the water. Sydney Harbour would have to be one of the Australia’s best boating spots.

Great Barrier Reef – One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef with all its tropical islands and spectacular coral is one of the dream boating destinations in the entire world, not just Australia. Covering an area of more than 340,000 square kilometres, this is a vast ecosystem with so many places to explore in a boat.

Western Australia Coast – I’ve included the entire coast of WA because it has so many remote locations that are only accessible by boat. Apart from offering fantastic fishing and water sports opportunities, the coast of Western Australia offers just so much to explore. You could spend years boating in this region and not see it all. From famous Shark Bay to the Mackerel Islands, there is just so much to experience in this part of the country.

Boating Tips And Tricks

Some tips and tricks for boating in Australia:

  • Use white vinegar to kill mould on decks instead of bleach
  • Always check the weather report before venturing out on the water
  • Take life jackets
  • Use a GPS
  • If going out on the open ocean, always let someone know roughly where you’ll be
  • Carry spare fuel and batteries
  • Take a VHF radio
  • Have a locator beacon
  • Choose the right propeller for your boat to prevent the engine over-revving
  • Take seasickness tablets before leaving dry ground
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher onboard
  • Learn how to tie the appropriate knots
  • Learn the boating rules and obey speed restrictions

Buying A Boat

The first thing to consider when buying a boat isn’t just the price of the boat. Factor in the running costs, purchasing a trailer, registration, fuel, maintenance, detailing and mooring fees. Plus there will be other essential equipment you will need to buy along the way.

Choose a boat that meets your needs. Don’t over-spend on a bigger boat when a smaller one will do. If you only plan to use it for estuary and river fishing, then you don’t need a massive pleasure craft.

You will likely need boat finance to raise the capital to make the purchase, so shop around for the best deal and terms. Use comparison websites to make it easier to research the finance options open to you, and work out what you can afford to borrow and repay by using a loan calculator.

Boat Loan Calculators

A boat loan calculator will enable you to get an idea of what your repayments will be of your proposed loan amount. Finance calculators are very quick and simple to use and usually have three inputs:

  1. Loan Amount
  2. Interest Rate
  3. Loan Term

First input the amount you think you might like to borrow, then use the slider to specify the finance company’s interest rate for your type of loan. The final slider will be the loan term; how many years you want to pay off the loan. The longer the term the lower your repayments will be, but the more interest you will pay over the lifetime of the loan.

If you plan on going boating in Australia then you will likely need to finance the purchase of a vessel, and a loan calculator will give you a great idea of exactly what you can afford.

Source by Darren G. Burton