Bollywood Tatti Awards 2016

We believe in saluting the worst that Bollywood has to offer


This year Bollywood has successfully churned out some incredible crappy movies. And it is amazing to see how some people never give up and continue to create these crappy pieces of work. Bollywood gems like Hrithik Roshan and Sharman Joshi, who have been appreciated for their work in the past, may still want to rework on their acting skills before their career tank. These actors have proudly made it to Bayside Journal’s nominees for “Bollywood Tatti Awards 2016”. 

Joining the list are celebrated directors such as Aditya Chopra and Ashutosh Gowariker for their wonderful movie this year that made us laugh, cry, and die all at the same time. So much talent, isn’t it?

“Bollywood Tatti Awards” believes in saluting the worst that Bollywood has to offer, because it is important to consider and appreciate different forms and varieties of tatti.

Sharman Joshi and Hrithik Roshan have been nominated for “Sabse Tatti Actor (Male)” for their ‘over the top acting’. And Aditya Chopra and Ashutosh Gowariker are nominated for “Sabse Tatti Director” for their ‘out of the box’ creation.

The final nominees list for “Bollywood Tatti Awards 2016” are as follows:

best-tatti-01 best-tatti-02 best-tatti-03 best-tatti-04 best-tatti-05 best-tatti-06 best-tatti-07 best-tatti-08 best-tatti-09

And here are the winners of the prestigious Bayside Journal “Bollywood Tatti Awards 2016”:

sabse-tatti-actor-male sabse-tatti-actor-female


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