Bored Of Brunch? Why Not Host A Lingerie Shower!

Yes you heard me right, lingerie shower is a definitely a fun new way of shopping intimate wear with your girls from the comfort of your own home, thanks to these two young French women named Caroline Joire and Agathe de La Chapelle, who launched their own lingerie line called, ‘Agaline’ in India.

Unlike any international brand, this particular one is customised as per the needs of Indian women but with a French touch. Agaline was created for women looking for something more for their lingerie and nightwear, for those who are bored of the basics and who appreciate the difference even if the products are not meant to be shown. One of the most interesting ways of purchasing their garments is by organising your own lingerie shower with your friends, where Caroline and Agathe bring their collection to be tried and tested!

lingerie 3

The creators of this Indo-French brand met in Delhi 6 years ago, Agathe was working with Shanthanu and Nikhil, while Caroline was working as a business consultant. By putting their combined expertise to use, they decided to launch their very own fashion brand. “The idea of launching a lingerie brand came about as we were frustrated customers ourselves! After living for 4 years in India, we could not find any lingerie, nightdress or cute and qualitative pyjamas. We wanted elegant items, and not cartoonish printed pyjamas”, says Caroline.

Of course things did not come to them easy, their dedication and perseverance can be a great source of motivation for many young entrepreneurs. With plenty of research using questionnaires and surveys, they gained in-depth knowledge about the Indian market and their taste for lingerie. Agaline’s first collection rose from that.

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Unlike many other lingerie brands, Agaline stands out in many ways. They even went one step further by providing a personalized service to their clientele. “We travel to their home, show them the products and provide them fitting advises. We took time to understand their concerns and analyze their demands, which we also included in the conception of our second collection.” says Caroline.

Agaline is a designer brand which is reserved to a selected clientele and the designs are exclusive – they only make a few items per styles.Even though most of their products were sold out they decided not to re-produce as their products are meant to be exclusive. Their garments range from Rs. 1500 – Rs. 4500. Orders can also be placed via their webpage.

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By avoiding mass-production they have a greater control over their product quality. The fabrics they use (French lace, heavy jersey cotton, cotton silk and silk) are very difficult to stitch.While the designs are totally Parisian, but the fabrics (expect the laces), colors, and fittings used are from India. Their garments are not just limited to lingerie but also include night wear. “We discovered that the home wear products were in great demand, but they had to be stylish. Our jersey collection of cute cotton shorts and pants worked very well. They are actually items that you can wear in and out, but with a detailed design.”

Regarding their next step, they are developing a full home wear line for their upcoming collection, for women to feel elegant in some comfortable inner wear garments. It will involve comfortable garments but made in French style, with quality fabrics and bright colors.

The are also developing a line that will enable women to “take their lingerie out”. Indeed, lingerie is not only bras and panties; it is all these cute items that one can wear inside or outside. For example, they are developing an under-top and an under-dress, something that French women, love and wear everyday!

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An under-top is a cute silky and lacy top that one can wear as a night piece or as a day piece. Sheer tops and shirts are very popular these days, but one needs to wear something underneath it. As of now, the go to solution is the common spaghetti top which probably wouldn’t last more than few washes, and neither does it add to the look.

By providing women with cute tops to pair with the sheer shirt, or just to wear under a jacket, they are determined to expand their horizons.
Agaline not only seems promising but also seems to revolutionize the concept of lingerie shopping in India.