Brave Police Horse Shaktimaan’s Leg Amputated

‘Shaktimaan’, the police horse that had to bear the brunt of the repercussions of a protest against the Congress, allegedly spearheaded by BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi, has lost his leg to amputation. Two days after it was assaulted, its fractures were fixed externally by a group of 10 doctors.

But on Thursday, the infection from the injured leg had spread and doctors had warned that the horse would die soon if the infection was not stopped immediately. “So it was decided to amputate the leg urgently as blood supply to the injured portion had stopped,” said BS Sidhu, DGP Uttarakhand.

He added, “The doctors, who are treating the police horse, had diagnosed earlier that blood supply to injured portion had stopped and as such the leg needed to be amputated,”.

Poorva Joshipura, PETA India CEO, told the Economic Times, said that the horse has a very difficult life ahead and is as good as dead now. Horses cannot stand on three legs and artificial legs for horses are “complicated”. She added that the other hind leg may not be able to handle the horse’s weight and may also get damaged if he stood.

The accused BJP MLA has said the horse was injured after its leg was stuck in a pothole. He has been arrested by the police.

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