Break-Up Causes – Love Makes Women Blind


Very often, women get involved in long-term relationships with men who don’t want to settle down and get married. If you do this when you intend to get married, you will almost certainly fail even if you do everything perfectly. It’s just like the classic scenario where the farmer does all the required things perfectly, only to lose everything right before the harvest season, because of the wild nature.

So when you choose a long-term partner you have to take his nature into account. Some men simply won’t settle down until they’re old enough to appreciate what a marriage has to offer. That’s why you have to be careful who you fall in love with. Here’s the key process of deception that takes place when you fall in love with a man: you meet him and he looks, talks and behaves in a way that makes you feel drawn to him. Even though you know very little about him at this point, you fill in the rest of the information with ideals from our own mind.

Our imagination has a miraculous property: it fills in the gaps with meanings from our own mind and it completes the picture in a way that maintains the feeling we attached to it when we had only a few pieces of the puzzle. The lonelier you feel and the less experienced you are, the more this process will take place when you meet a man who has certain qualities that you feel attracted to.

If you fall in love with a man in this way you’re basically doing all the work yourself and you can’t know if what you’re feeling is real and lasting or just imaginary and temporary. The same thing applies for a man who goes through this process and then he thinks he loves you for real, only to realize a few months/years later that he doesn’t. And when you remember that men have even less awareness then women when it comes to these things…

So if it’s marriage you have in mind, make sure you fall in love with a man who has the potential of wanting the same thing. Otherwise you’re doomed to fail from the very start.

Source by Paolo Alberto